Tough Stuff from Jesus (8)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (8)

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Tough Stuff from Jesus (8)                                      5-9-21

Bottom Line: The greatest challenge for a parent is to make Jesus more important to your children than you are.


 A. Mom’s are special people in our life. Love grows w/ age!

   1. They start us on our life journey then let us go!

   2. Love keeps us connected and reveals their true worth!

 B. Honoring our Moms! Stand – Prayer – Gifts w/ song

   1. Ne-o-tez scholarship in honor of our Mom’s

   2. Gifts for those not here can be picked up at the office

 C. Moms and Dads begin the most important journey of their life as they lead their children’s journey to adulthood.

   1. What is the most important thing for parents to do?

   2. Provide, protect, nurture, teach, lead, and let go?

 D. The greatest, most important, and toughest challenge as a parent is make Jesus the most important person in their life!

   1. When we fail, it’s usually because our faith journey is weak or distracted.

   2. When you are looking at an adult child, you must remember what Jesus said, “What does it profit a man…”

 E. We start our children on a journey that they must finish!

   1. Their journey of gratitude – learning value

   2. Their journey of priorities – learning what counts in life

   3. Their journey of faith – Jesus first!

 F. Jesus was teaching to a large crowd – Matt.12:46-50

   1. He didn’t stop loving his family – he had a mission

   2. He was thinking eternally not temporally

 G. Tough Stuff from Jesus includes his declaration in Matthew 10:37 – “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

   1. Sounds almost crazy! Crazy tough!

   2. Was Jesus being unreasonable, challenging, or crazy?

 H. It only makes sense if we understand the context!

1. He is talking to those who are committed and confessed!

 A. 10:32-33, It’s not only about talk, but it sure includes it!

 B. Jesus represents us to his Father! Or not?

2. He tells us there will be conflict!

 A. vs.34-36, We are not called to social peace!

 B. Even within our families! The sword = fighting!

   * Family journey points differ – maturing vs. distracted!

3. He tells us that love is greater than blood!

 A. vs.37, Grace over genetics! Jesus blood over family blood

 B. Tough choices determine worthiness!

4. He tells us following him includes a cross!

 A. vs.38, Not just a burden but a direction!

 B. Without it, we are not worthy of him!

5. He tells us to lose ourselves in Him!

 A. vs.39, We all lose ourselves in something!

 B. Lose self for his sake = finding real life!


A. Priorities are crystal clear when facing death!

B. The three actions of Jesus on the cross: Forgiveness for soldiers, hope for a thief, & can for his Mom!

C. What will be priorities be?