Tough Stuff from Jesus (9)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (9)

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Tough Stuff from Jesus (9)                                 5-16-21

Bottom Line: We can not understand the call of Jesus if we don’t understand how he keeps his promise.


 A. One of the most interesting characters in The Chosen is Matthew.

   1. Tax collector, Autism spectrum, hated, alienated, odd

   2. Forced to spy on Peter, sees what Jesus does

 B. Scene when Matthew is called by Jesus.

   1. Willing to leave all to follow Jesus! Available!

   2. Bringing what? Himself and all his baggage!

   3. Jesus to Peter, “Get use to different.”

 C. Jesus calls us too – with all our weirdness!

   1. Matthew wrote about it – 11:28-30 NIV & MSG

   2. Very familiar but very tough stuff from Jesus!

1. It is an incredible invitation! Vs.28

 A. Jesus wants the broken! “weary and burdened”?

 B. Jesus wants us with all our baggage! Bring it to him!

 C. Jesus is waiting for your RSVP still! What? Why?

2. It is an incredible challenge! Vs.29

 A. Take my yoke…learn from me! Together! Our own private tutor, mentor, coach, teacher, & friend!

 B. “I AM…gentle and humble in heart”? I am in this for you!

 C. Stick with me and you will find rest = peace!

   * The perfect big brother!

3. It is an incredible promise! Vs.30

 A. My yoke = bound together, sharing w/ Jesus!

 B. Easy & light? He’s caring it! (i.e. child w/ Dad)

 C. This is a guarantee from the Son of God!

   1. In a world of fake promises – He keeps his!

   2. In a world of exaggeration & hyperbole – he delivers!


A. Years ago, my brother-in-law was lost on a Colorado mountain at night! I went looking. “Come to me!”

B. Jesus is calling but we don’t hear! We don’t know that we are lost!

C. Satan’s Smartphone! Distraction! Multitask w/ Jesus?

D. Come to me! Take my yoke! Learn from me! Easy and light! Find rest for your soul! Takes all to get to the last one.