Visible Viable Values

Visible Viable Values

Visible Viable Values                             2-10-19

Bottom Line:  We either live by our values or we are hypocrites.


 A. We had another amazing Marriage Retreat!

 B. We are all excited, renewed, and wish you were too!

 C. Why did I go to the marriage retreat (I had to!)

   1. I wanted to have fun and play a little!

   2. I wanted to learn something (about me, not my wife)

   3. I wanted to be w/ people I love – fellowship

   4. I wanted a date night/weekend

   5. I wanted a spiritually uplifting experience (tears/devo)

   6. I wanted a shared experience of love & joy

   7. I wanted to affirm our marriage

   8. I wanted to honor and exalt marriage itself

   9. I wanted to support others & their marriages

  10. I wanted to do something good for my wife!

 D. Notice what I didn’t say!

   1. You don’t want these things!  Opportunities?

   2. Children, teens, & singles of all ages don’t need this!

   3. It’s all about the speakers and the lessons

   4. If you don’t go next year, you’re a terrible person!

 E. Real reason why I share this – it reflects my values…

   1. We all have personal values – what’s important to us!

   2. We all have family values – who we are & why we do..

 F. What are your family values? You have them…

   1. Where do you spend your money, time, and energy?

   2. What do you talk about as a family?

   3. What is the end result of what you want for your family?

 G. Joshua, Solomon, Paul, and Jesus were clear…

 H. What are your personal church family values?

   1. Two dozen-plus One Another Passages, starting – love

   2. The church is not an institution, a place, or a building, but a family and a body!

   3. What is more important to you than your church family?

 I. We have a family Vision & family Values!

   1. “We live to help others develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.”  2 Peter 3:18

   2. We have four core Values = who we are and why we do what we do!  Love, Equip, Support, & Celebrate

 J. I want to share three simple points about Values…

1.  Values are our GOALS/Priorities

 A. Who are we! Why do we do what we do! It’s because…

   * Love * Equip * Support *Celebrate

 B. Our values drive our expectations for each of us…

   1. Love – I will love my church family as Jesus has loved me!

   2. Equip – I will strive to equip myself to learn and grow, so I can serve and witness to others!

   3. Support – I will support my church family with encouragement, prayers, finances, and help!

   4. Celebrate – I will seek to build my church family as we gather together to celebrate being children of God!

 C. Our values are what is unique to us as a family of God

2.  Values are (and must be) from God!

 A. Love:  1 Peter 4:8

 B. Equip:  Ephesians 4:11-16; 6:10-18

 C. Support:  Galatians 6:2

 D. Celebrate:  Hebrews 10:4-25

3.  Values are our growth signs!

 A. How do I know I’m growing in Christ? Gal.5 & 2 Peter 1

 B. We all need opportunities to examine & evaluate our spiritual journey!

 C. Spiritual Journey Evaluation Sheet: Review, take home, fill out, discuss, and pray – then do Reflections & Improvement.


A. Would you feel comfortable calling yourself a diamond – at least spiritually speaking?

B. I’m not a diamond, but God makes me valuable!  VIP

C. Song in this year’s play entitled Diamonds  = theme

   1. Words of the song:  He’s making diamonds our of dust

   2. We are dust! We are as meaningless & worthless, but

D. Look at the words with me.  He can do that with us!