What do I say to LGBTQ people?

What do I say to LGBTQ people?

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What do I say to LGBTQ people?                           12-5-21

Bottom Line: We must treat people the same way Jesus would no matter what they have done.


 A. What does it mean to “fight the good fight of faith”?

   1. Fight about faith? With one another?

   2. Fight to be doctrinally correct? Fight to be the winner?

 B. We have a daily fight with sin. Maybe hourly…

 C. Paul wrote about this in Galatians 5

   1. vs.16-17, there is a conflict going on!

   2. vs.19-21, it involves a lot of battles!

 D. Our fight is a fight between passions and Spirit!

   1. Food – Sex – Drugs – Affirmation

   2. The need to feed the desire, hunger, or addiction

 E. The will of God and the teachings of man disagree!

   1. Which of these battles are the worse? Why?

   2. How does God see our disobedience?

 F. Some would like to see certain battles turn to total acceptance and agreement. Faith cannot be compromised.

   1. LGBTQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer

   2. I would add FAL: fornication, adultery, lust/porn

 G. What should you say if asked, “What do I say to LGBTQ people? (What do you say to the FAL people?)

   1. Assuming is it not antagonistic or threatening

   2. It has no bearing on my love and respect for you!

 H. Did Jesus change his feelings about the women caught is adultery (Jn.4) or the woman at the well (Jn.8)?

  1. Jesus never defined people by their sins unless it was self-righteousness and pride

   2. If we are truly going to walk in his steps, we must…

1. Always love!

 A. The challenge of love means stretching love. (Mt.5)

 B. Jesus doesn’t define us by our sins, but the world does.

 C. Real love “covers a multitude of sins” – What?

2. Never Judge!

 A. Jesus didn’t give us a list of exceptions!

 B. Always keep doors open if at all possible!

 C. Jesus warned us that we get what we give!

3. Refuse to reject!

 A. A sinner rejecting another sinner is called hypocrisy!

 B. Regardless of their feelings: Pride – Guilt – Confusion?

 C. Jesus had a whole group of potential rejects.

   1. Flawed followers: Peter – Called Satan; Matthew hated;

Simon the Zealot; Judas the thief; James & John Sons of       Thunder; Thomas the doubter?

   2. You and I! We struggle with ____________


A. The most skipped chapter in the Bible, Gen.38 w/ the story of Judah and Tamar. What? Why? Where’s the judgment? Tamar in the lineage of Jesus in Mt.1 along with Bathsheba!

B. What does this mean? That sin doesn’t matter? Permissive?

C. Everyone of us are sinners! Everyone of us are in the process of becoming something different. Jesus called the weary and heavy laden not the perfect and holy!