What Happens When I Die?

What Happens When I Die?

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What Happens When I Die?                                  11-28-21

Bottom Line: Only through Jesus can we learn to be thankful for death.


 A. What kind of things were you thankful for this week?

 B. Would you think it crazy if I said we should be thankful for death?

   1. Not the loss of loved ones. Separation is always hard.

   2. Not removal of pain and suffering. Ending hard times.

 C. The best way to be thankful for death is to be thankful for life. We don’t become thankful overnight but by practice!

 D. Paul was clearly thankful for death. Why? To be w/ Jesus!

   1. Phil.1:20-23, to die and be w/ Jesus is BETTER!

   2. 2 Cor.5:6-8, to be present in the body – away from Jesus

 E. Are you there yet? Why not? Are we too attached to this world to not be able to look forward to eternity?

 F. What if someone asks you, “What happens when I die?”

   1. Purpose/Why; Process/How; Position/What

   2. Can you talk about being thankful for death?

 G. The Bible gives us three things to consider:

1. Finding Facts – Things clearly and factually taught!

 A. Heb.9:27, Gen.2:7 made from the dust of the ground; Eccl.3:20 “All came from the dust & to dust all return”

 B. Jesus facts: Lk.9:28-36, recognize, talk, w/ Moses & Elijah

   1. Mt.8:5-13, Centurion’s faith, feast w/ God’s servants

   2. Place to come from and go to, w/ angels watching

 C. 1 Cor. 15:50 Changed = imperishable & immortal

2. Figuring Figuratively – Learning from symbolism!

 A. Jesus’ story of the Rich man & Lazarus, Lk.16:19-31

   1. Angels carried him to Abraham’s side

   2. Conscious thought, speaking, and memories (allegory?)

 B. Apocalyptic language in Revelation – 4&5 worship with angels and believers! Rev.21 New Jerusalem, no death, mourning, tears, or pain (old order) New! w/ Jesus, angels, and believers in the Holy City – familiar description.

 C. God’s problem of explaining spiritual things to us!

3. Fighting Fear – How can we be thankful for death?

 A. David did, Psalm 23, walking in the valley…

 B. How do we change our feelings of fear and worry?

 C. Paul wants us to face reality – 1 Cor.13 gifts & grace

   1. vs.13, These three = bottom line for us

   2. Faith = building a close relationship with God & Jesus

   3. Hope = anticipate what God has for us

   4. Love = the secret to thankfulness


A. CDC says 2021 life expectancy is 78.99! Really close!

B. Haunting verse in Rev.21:27 who will be in the New Jerusalem? “Only those whose names are written in the lamb’s book of life.” Who is that?

C. How can we know? 1 John 4:7-8