Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

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Why Did Jesus Have to Die?                          12-26-21

Bottom line: The character of God means there was not other alternative to saving us.

Introduction: (4 Part Series: New, Knew, or Gnu?)

 A. Chris Edmonds wrote a book about his father Roddie

   1. Born in Knoxville, TN, 1919 – never knew many Jewish

   2. Joined US Army, Mar.’41, Pearl Harbor, Dec. WAR!

   3. Dec.’44 one of thousands captured in Battle of the Bulge

   4. Stalag IXA for enlisted POW – Master Sgt. Edmonds was the highest-ranking American officer. Leader of the camp.

   5. Story of courage, resolve, and sacrifice!

   6. Jewish soldier at the camp, “Roddie could no more have turned over any of us to the Nazis’ than he could stop breathing.”

   6. Son never heard until reading his diary after death, ‘85

 B. Imagine the conversation between God and Jesus before creation. Jesus could no more say “no” than stop breathing!

 C. Series: What do I say? Tough question: Why did Jesus have to die? Troubling question from human perspective.

   1. An all-powerful God could do anything

   2. A God of love didn’t need to send his only son?

   3. All-powerful = he could! Love = why he did it

 D. Three key concepts to remember:

1. Love compelled it!

 A. As simple and complex as John 3:16! Jesus understood it!

 B. A parent’s love is incomprehensible until you are one. Story of my HS disappearance. We are God’s children!

 C. Love is the ONLY THING that covers sin! 1 Peter 4:8

2. Holiness demanded it!

 A. Story of nasty clean up after hunting! No alternative!

 B. A holy God cannot have a relationship with unholy people! He had to provide a way for us to be holy!

 C. Holiness demands that sin is paid for! OT lessons!

3. Grace allowed it!

 A. God’s love and mercy is the answer to Jesus on the cross when he cried out, “My God! My God? Why…?”

 B. Romans 5:6-11, our four descriptions

 C. The definition of love: 1 Jn.3:16; 4:10-12


A. 1944, Roddie Edmonds w/ over 200 Jewish soldiers to save!  There was no Plan B!

B. Jesus in the Garden praying, “IF” – No Plan B!