God’s Draft – The Wrong Loyalty

God’s Draft – The Wrong Loyalty

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God’s Draft – The Wrong Loyalty                            8-2-20

Bottom Line: We can’t serve God if we are more loyal to anything or anyone else than we are to Him.


 A. Jesus told a story about a man with two sons.

   1. Not as well-known as the Prodigal in Luke 15

   2. Mt.21:28-32 “Son, go work today in the vineyard.” I will – I won’t!

    Vs.31 “Which of the two did what his father wanted?”

 B. God’s Draft is about the “DOERS”

 C. Doing what must be done when it’s not easy, fun, or what you want!

   1. Maturity is required. Character and strength too

   2. This is about loyalty!

 D. I discovered that all my favorite stories involve loyalty.

 E. What does loyalty mean to you? Marriage? Friendship? Faith?

   1. Brainstorm qualities, definitions, or synonyms

   2. Record ideas on large whiteboard

1. What is loyalty to God?

 A. Proverbs 3:5-6, “in all your ways”

 B. Romans 8:35-39, nothing separates

 C. Romans 12:1-2, living sacrifice, transformed, pleasing God

2. Why would God draft a selfish bully?

 A. Judges 13-16, the miraculous birth of Samson

 B. Married a Philistine, Timnah, wedding riddle, 30 outfits

 C. Vengeance: wife given away – 300 foxes – crop destroyed – men of Judah & Lehi massacre of 1000

 D. Delilah’s deal – deceit & capture – destroy temple & kill more

 E. Led Israel for 20 but never freed them – loyal at death!

3. Why would God draft a legalistic fanatic?

 A. Acts 7, killing of Stephen is our intro to Saul – 8:1-3

 B. Saul’s plans interrupted, Acts 9 – conversion & training

 C. Missionary & apostle to Gentiles = Chief of sinners!

 D. Loyalty to the law became loyalty to Jesus!

   1. Passionately wrong!

   2. Loyalty unquestioned, 2 Cor.11-12


A. Loyalty from pride and stubbornness?

B. The greatest loyalty comes from love! 1 Cor.13:13; 1 Pet.4:8

C. Loyalty is a response! 1 John 4:19, “We love because he first loved us.”


Bible Study for Sunday, August 2, 2020

God’s Draft – The Wrong Loyalty

1.  In the parable of the two sons, in Matthew 21:28-32, what is Jesus telling us about God?

2.  What does this story teach us about loyalty?

3.  What does loyalty mean to you? Define it and give some synonyms.

4.  What does God have to say about loyalty in the Bible? (Consider some of the synonyms for loyalty)

5.  What was special about the birth of Samson? (see Judges 13)

6.  What would you say were Samson’s strengths and weaknesses?

7.  How did Samson show more loyalty in is death than he did in the way he lived? Or did he?

8.  What kind of person was Saul of Tarsus? What was he loyal to?

9.  When Saul became a follower of Jesus, what changed besides his name? How would you describe his loyalty to Jesus?

10. While there is an element of godly pride in being loyal to Jesus, what must the foundation of loyalty be build on? What is the greatest form of loyalty?