HeartSight: God’s Mystery

HeartSight: God’s Mystery

HeartSight: God’s Mystery                                            2-9-20

Bottom Line: The mystery of God is that his love and grace is intended for everyone, not just Israel.


 A. Life is full of mysteries because it’s full of things we don’t know!

   1. Not all mysteries are a surprise.  We just don’t know!

   2. Conspiracies abound! Speculation grows!

 B. A mystery is something you don’t know or understand but you want to… (If you don’t care, it’s still a mystery!)

   1. There are life mysteries

          * Marriage mystery: How could she love me?

          * Survival mysteries for veterans, PTSD, Why me?

          * God’s mystery of love – How could He love me?

   2. Movie mysteries:  surprise ending revealed!

          * Planet of the Apes  * Sixth Sense * The Mechanic

          * Citizen Kane (Rosebud)  * Psycho (Norman = mom)

          * Star Wars “No, I am you Father”  * Seven (last 2)

          * A Beautiful Mind (all in his imagination)

   3. Knowledge mysteries – Why Jeopardy & Trivia popular

          * True & False test of 25 statements from other tests

          * What we don’t know and/or understand is huge

 C. Tale of Two Mysteries we can see in the Bible

   1. Story of God from a Jewish perspective

   2. Story of God from a Gentile or non-Jew perspective

 D. Paul explains God’s mystery in Eph.3:1-12

   1. Would have been mind-blowing to both groups

   2. HeartSight – seeing things through God’s eyes

1.  Paul’s revelation:  We are All the same to God, vs.1-6

 A. Paul’s personal lack of understanding about God’s plan

 B. No one understood God’s plan, vs.4-5

 C. The gospel allows everyone to share, vs.6

   1. Key concept:  heirs together w/ Israel

   2. Member together of one body

   3. Sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus

* No one is beyond the love of God!

2.  Paul’s revelation: My job is now OUR JOB! Vs.2-13

 A. God’s mystery is given by His grace – vs.7-9

 B. What was hidden must now be revealed by his church! vs.10-11

 C. Our approachable God, vs.12


A. We don’t “get” God’s love for us! How could He love us when we are so disappointing and unlovable?

B. How could He love me so much that He sent Jesus?

C. What would I be without Jesus! Where would I be?

* These are mysteries that are only answered by faith!