Tough Stuff from Jesus (12)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (12)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (12)                                 6-20-21

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Bottom Line: Part of following Jesus is discovering what keeps getting in the way of our commitment to Him.


 A. Honoring Dad’s on Father’s Day: Ex.17 Aaron & Hur holding up the arms of Moses during Amalekite battle

   1. Ex.18 Jethro’s advice about getting help “It’s not good”

   2. We have arm holders and help. God calls them brothers!

 B. My Dad story: gone and no contribution to my growth!

 C. Often heard quote: “The best thing you can do for your children is to love their mother!”

   1. Important for stable growing and self-esteem

   2. But really not the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do!

 D. The most important thing you can do for you children is love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

   1. You will be a better spouse – Eph.5

   2. You will make an eternal difference in their lives!

 E. Sometimes Dad’s are FAITH KILLERS for their children.

   1. Hypocrisy – Recognized who’s really watching

          *Difference between maturing and fake religion

   2. Criticism – If it’s that bad, why should I want it?

   3. Ignorance – You really don’t know God, Jesus, Word

   4. Relationship avoidance – Church is people/love, support – vital for long term connection w/ our kids!

   5. Low spiritual priorities: prayer, church family, Word

 F. We can look the part to everyone else, but our kids learn that other things are more important than God.

   1. We see this in Jesus’ encounter w/ the Rich young man.

   2. Matthew 19:16-24 Tough Stuff from Jesus

 G. Why is this tough stuff? We think it’s not about us!

   1. We would never be that arrogant!

   2. We would never be that rich! Yes, he’s addressing the challenge of wealth, but it’s more.

1. Jesus is teaching us something about control!

 A. vs.16-17, “What must I do to get eternal life?”

 B. I am in control of my life but not eternal life! Grace?

 C. We struggle with being in control! Stress vs. Happiness

   * The secret to peace and contentment is learning the difference between what you must be in control of, what you’d like to be in control of, and what you were never meant to be in control of.

2. Jesus is teaching us something about righteousness!

 A. vs.18-20 “All these I have kept” and I’m good at it!

 B. Contrast: Religion vs. Righteousness

   1. Doctrine vs. Spirit: Right beliefs vs. pleasing God

   2. Preference vs. Truth: What I want vs. God wants

   3. Pharisee vs. Publican: Arrogance vs. crushed!

 C. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble!

3. Jesus is teaching us something about being real!

 A. vs.21, If you want to be perfect/complete = REAL!

 B. Not for us!??? Yes for us! What do we need to sell?

 C. What comes between us and God? Wealth, career, family, friends, hobby, entertainment, etc.


A. “He went away sad, because he had great wealth.”

B. What makes you sad about following Jesus?

C. I imagine Peter hearing this – “What a jerk!” but later, after denying Jesus three times – “wept bitterly”

D. Apostles amazed, “Who can be saved?” “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” PTL!