Barabbas                                                       5-26-19

Bottom Line:  Barabbas represents everything that was done for us by God.


 A. Matthew 27:11-26 Reading and prayer

 B. The Bible is full of interesting characters that we know very little about.  Who are some characters that you’d like to know more about?

 C. Play: about people in the crucifixion story that little is said about them.  Simon, Centurion, & the ladies

 D. In 1961 a movie came out, staring Anthony Quinn, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Palance – Epic – Barabbas!

   1. His girl friend has become a Christian – he sees Cross

   2. She is stoned for preaching Christ – he does crime

   3. Involved story of him meeting Christians – Peter, etc

   4. Led off as a martyr in Rome

 E. We don’t know anything about Barabbas, but we can hope that he was touched by his experience & by Jesus!

 F. We are fortunate to have him with us this morning…

 G. Interview with Barabbas:  (Looking over his shoulder)

   1. Noticed you looking back. Expecting something?

   2. Your life as a robber and rebel?

   3. Feelings about Pilate & being picked for freedom?

   4. What did you think about the Nazarite teacher – Jesus

   5. Ever get called Barnabas?

   6. Have you learned anything special from playing the role of Barabbas?

 H. Hello. My name is Barabbas.  (All of us!)  Why?

1.  Barabbas represents the fact that we are sinners!

 A. “I’m not a crook!”  Not a murderer, robber, or rebel!

 B. Sin is determined by God not the world’s value crisis!

 C. We need to look at sin through the eyes of God! We all see thinks differently!  He doesn’t!

2.  Barabbas represents the fact that we deserve punishment!

 A. Stone walls and bars to not a prison make – personal

 B. We deserve our wages – Romans 6:23

 C. He had no hope!  We do!

3.  Barabbas represents our need for mercy!

 A. The only way he was going to get out of prison…

 B. We aren’t saved because of “good behavior”

 C. It was unthinkable!  So is ours!

4.  Barabbas was free because of Jesus! So are we!

 A. He was chosen by the crowd, we were chosen by Jesus

 B. Jesus took the condemnation, he got the freedom!

 C. Did he care enough to go see Jesus on Golgotha?


A. Last Sunday, the grad speaker at Morehouse College, a billionaire tech investor & philanthropist, told the grad class he was paying off all their college loans. 40 million.

   1. 2019 class of 400 graduates suddenly debt free!

   2. Cheering and dancing swept the class!

B. What if you were suddenly debt free? Mortgage?

C. The world is cheering for us to stay in prison with them!

   1. Prison of selfishness, guilt, and doubt!

   2. “Don’t pay attention to Jesus!”

D. “Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden”