The Jesus Ladies

The Jesus Ladies

The Jesus Ladies                                  June 2, 2019

Bottom Line:  Godly living is built on making the right choices life.


 A. One of my favorite teacher was Miss Charlotte Smith

   1. Four years of English Lit & Grammar – Read & write!

   2. Chorus director – singing, quartet, and a passion

 B. Every child of God is indebted to some godly ladies

 C. One of the scenes in the play:  The Jesus Ladies

   1. Ladies who were part of the story, but little is said

   2. Behind the scenes ladies who made a big difference

 D. Let’s hear from them this morning. Interview…

   1. Mary Mag – Why did you choose to follow Jesus?

   2. Mary Sister – What was it like to have Jesus in your home on a regular basis?

   3. Martha – You are remembered as being a server.  What was it like to serve Jesus – in your home?

   4. Mary Mother – The water to wine miracle was Jesus’ first recorded miracle.  You knew what He could do, didn’t you?

   5. Ashly, Val, Donna, & Holly – what have you learned?

 E. Amazing ladies both portrayed and performing!

 F. Some lessons for us from The Jesus Ladies…

1.  Our life story is about WHO we give ourselves to!

 A. We all give ourselves to others: spouse, kids, job,…

 B. Paul says we all pick masters – Romans 6:11-14

          * Options then verses now

 C. Jesus tried to guide us – Matt.6:24 Two Masters?

   1. Masters he mentions: money, worry, distractions

   2. Seek God first – vs.33

 D. One of my favorite quotes from Albus Dumbledore “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

2.  We are only defined by our culture if we choose to let it control us!

 A. What we are? Matt.5:13-14;

 B. Who we are? 1 Cor.6:18-20

 C. Powerful speech by a 7th grade girl…

 D. “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities.” Albus Dumbledore to Harry

3.  Our story is not about us but Jesus in us!

 A. John the Baptist understood – John 3:30

 B. Paul understood – Phil.1:19-21

 C. Getting lost in a passion?  Sports?  Success?  Someone special?  Jesus and His family?

 D. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”  Albus Dumbledore in the great hall at Hogwarts


A. John’s account of the crucifixion and resurrection is an eyewitness account.  John 20:1-18

B. Mary Magdalene is central – first to go, first to see Him

C. Didn’t recognize Him until He said, “Mary” – knew the voice of Jesus calling her.  Do you?