Decorating the Cross, Pt.2

Decorating the Cross, Pt.2

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Decorating the Cross, Pt.2             

1 Corinthians 13:4-7                     2-28-21

Bottom Line: Love is also defined by what it doesn’t do.


 A. We say churches are not in competition, but we still do a lot of comparing.

   1. Size, programs, ministries, or notoriety

   2. Many churches are declining. Some mega-churches…

 B. I read articles about the top churches in America

   1. Best & biggest? Buildings, choirs, playgrounds, etc.

   2. We should be on the list: Biggest collection of flowers!

 C. We are using flowers as a symbol of love to decorate the cross!

   1. Love is the definition and description of a cross-centered life!

   2. Love is the only thing that should decorate the cross!

 D. 1 Cor.12 & 13, Love is the greatest gift and the most excellent way!

   1. The Priority of love, vs.1-3

   2. The Picture of love, vs.4-8a

   3. The Purpose of love, vs.8b-13

 E. Love is patient – love is kind! This is what love IS!

   1. All the negatives are the opposite of patient & kind!

   2. We can’t decorate the cross with negatives!

 F. Let’s turn weeds into flowers! Remember, 1 Cor.13 is about church family not marriage!

1. Love does not envy!

 A. The Message, “Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have”

 B. In the family of God? (NLT = jealous) of others? Comparing and judging others

 C. Love is happy for others! A sign of maturity.

2. Love does not boast!

 A. MSG = Strut!  To brag and self-elevate, promote

 B. In the family? More knowledge, works, spirit, etc.

 C. Love is quiet! Sometimes we just need to shut up!

3. Love is not proud!

 A. Not about confidence or capabilities but arrogance

 B. Self-centeredness destroys church families

 C. Love is humble!

4. Love does not dishonor others!

 A. It doesn’t rob other of recognition or respect!

 B. Look at me! Honor me! Criticize and humiliate family?

 C. Love gives honor! Romans 13:

5. Love is not self-seeking!

 A. This is where the first four came from!

 B. It is the opposite of following Christ, Mt.16:24

 C. Love is sacrificial!

6. Love is not easily angered!

 A. An angry heart is full of stress and struggles

 B. It is the opposite of being patient and kind

 C. Love is forgiving!

7. Love keeps no record of wrongs!

 A. Storing up wrongs isn’t forgiveness! Remember?

 B. We can’t totally forget but we must not bank them away to be used later.

 C. Love is gracious and let’s go of wrongs!

8. Love does not delight in evil! (Remember ch.5?)

 A. Promoting what is ungodly is demoting God!

 B. Watching a child of God fail should be heart breaking!

 C. Love rejoices in the truth! When truth wins!


A. All of these are unloving qualities. The absence of love!

B. When was Jesus ever unloving? Even when upset!

C. Love is not just about what we do, but what we don’t do!


Bible Study for Sunday, February 28, 2021

Decorating the Cross: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

1.  The Corinthians seemed to struggle with understanding how important love was. Why do you think they struggled? Do we?

2.  In 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, Paul mentions several things that are spiritual acts, but they all become meaningless without love. What impresses you the most about what he is saying?

3.  What do all the negative things Paul mentions about what love isn’t have in common? Or do they?

4.  If love does not envy, boast, or act proud, what are the opposites that love should be?

5.  What does it mean that love does not dishonor others?

6.  Is it correct to say that “love is not self-seeking” is talking about where the first four negatives came from?

7.  Why is being easily angered a sign of lacking love?

8.  What is wrong with keeping record of wrongs?

9.  Why will love never delight in evil?

10. Since love rejoices in the truth, what does that tell us about how the world tends to think about love?

11. Why is love not just about what we do, but what we don’t do?