God’s Battle Plan, Pt. 2

God’s Battle Plan, Pt. 2

God’s Battle Plan, Pt.2                                              9-27-20

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Bottom Line: Evil is real and we must be prepared to fight it.


 A. I grew up enjoying horror movies. The old fashion ones like Frankenstein and Dracula.

   1. Remember seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, ‘60

   2. The next year, Homicidal w/ Fright Break, 45 sec.

   3. Favorite scar – Killer Shrews (ROUS’s) fun response

 B. Top Ten Best Horror Movies of all time

 C. There are no monsters or possessions just our fears!

   1. Some things aren’t real, but evil is!

   2. Our insight comes for the Bible not the movies

 D. God’s Battle Plan has three parts or premises

   1. God has thoroughly equipped us to live, grow, and spend eternity with him. Eph.6:10

   2. God’s people have a real spiritual enemy!

       – Real enemy! Read Eph.6:11-12

 E. Paul’s visual analogy from the guards chained to him.

   1. Put on the full armor of God – next week

   2. Key word: STAND = hold your position, formation

   3. Key word: STRUGGLE = for keeps, life & death!

 F. Paul tells us four things about our enemy in 11-12

1.  We fight against the devil’s schemes!

 A. It’s what he does and how he & his angels work

 B. A snake, a tempter w/ Jesus, & a lion, 1 Pet.5:8

 C. He did a number on Jonah

2.  We fight against rulers and authorities!

 A. Not flesh and blood. What are they? Spirit beings?

 B. Temporary powers to oppose God! Demons?

 C. David had a struggle that was a series of choices.

3.  We fight against the powers of this dark world!

 A. Greek idea of one aspires for world control! Idols.

 B. The series of decisions for the Prodigal.

4.  We fight against the forces of evil in the heavenly realm!

 A. Contemporary worship of astrology – heavenly abode of demons – the unseen world

 B. Paul talked about his struggle in Rom.7:21-25


A. So what is evil? How are we supposed to see it?

   1. Evil is subtle not savage! It can be not to start.

   2. Evil is not possession but a lack of opposition!

   3. Evil is not just what you remove but what you put in. Remember Jesus’ story in Matt.12:43-45?

   4. Evil is being gradually entangles and owned! It is a series of choices and decisions. Heb.12:1; 2 Pet.2:20

B. The Devil’s Game is to make us slaves to sin. Rom.6:11-14 We change masters.

   1. Some get individual seats occasionally

   2. Some buy a package deal

   3. Some have season tickets?

C. What is your ticket? Who are you a slave to?


Bible Study for Sunday, September 27, 2020

God’s Battle Plan Pt.2, Eph.6:11-12

1.  What was the scariest horror movie you ever saw?

2.  While movie monsters are not real, what do you think about evil? Is it a real force or power in the world?

3.  Do you believe that we have to fight against a real spiritual enemy?

4.  In Ephesians 6:11-12, Paul used words like “stand” and “struggle”. What do these mean to you in terms of what God wants from us?

5.  Paul did not say the devil attacks us, but that he schemes. How does he scheme against us?

6.  What are some Bible examples of Satan scheming?

7.  If we are not fighting against “flesh and blood” but “against rulers and authorities,” what kind of war is it?

8.  What kind of powers does the “dark world” have?

9.  What does it mean that we fight against the forces of evil “in the heavenly realm”?

10. How do we recognized evil when we see it?

11. How does evil win in our life?