God’s Battle Plan, Pt 1

God’s Battle Plan, Pt 1

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God’s Battle Plan, Pt1                                               9-20-20

Bottom Line: God has given us everything we need to be everything he wants us to be.


 A. What is your favorite war movie?

   1. Have you watched them or avoided them?

   2. I grew up going to the movies to see them?

 B. The Top Twenty War Movies – many are similar

   1. Some classics and historic, other not so much

   2. Who will win? Who will survive? Tension!

 C. Going to battle with full assurance of victory?

   1. Israel just finished 40 yrs – Manna & quail gone

   2. It’s time to conquer the land that intimidated them

 D. Joshua receives God’s battle plan!

   1. God’s commander first met him in Joshua 5:13-15

   2. The Lord 6:2-5; Told people: 7 day, 7 trips w/ trumpets blowing w/o shout – 7th day 7 trips, vs.16

 E. Victory in Jesus? God has a battle plan for us!

   1. Paul shares it w/ the Ephesians and us

   2. Winning is assured! God has promised us!

 F. Eph.6:10-18 is Paul’s conclusion & summary of God’s plan!

   1. Three parts in his summary. The first today!

   2. vs.10, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”

 G. God’s battle plan, part 1

   1. God has thoroughly equipped us to live, grow, and be with him for eternity!

   2. All we need to do is be strong & us his mighty power!

1. We have a God-given Mission to Continue!

 A. Everyone is a part of this mission! In it together!

 B. Eph.4:2-6, Mission to love, unite, & commit!

 C. We have each other, vs.7 and spiritual guides from God, vs.11-16

2. We have God-given direction for supporting each other!

 A. Our church family is our support system and each of us is part of the support. We both receive it & give it!

 B. Seven practices for how we treat one another – 4:25-32

 C. vs.32 – Honor the cross you carry!

3. We have God-given relationships to save and serve!

 A. Marching orders? 5:1-2

 B. Responsibilities? 5:8-21; Light, wise, Spirit, & serve!

 C. Our spouse, our family, & our world (even if bad)!


A. You can do it! God is our greatest cheerleader!

B. “Be strong” = make the right choices

C. “In his mighty power” = use his tools!

D. As a Senior Lifeguard – training, techniques & tools

   * Great to know but then the water test! Use it!

E. Life tests for us: trials, struggles, obstacles! Use it! You can do it!


Bible Study for Sunday, September 20, 2020

God’s Battle Plan Pt.1, Eph.6:10

1.  Why have movies about war always been so popular? Do you have any favorites or do you avoid them all?

2.  It is always good to be confident, but what would it mean to a soldier to go into battle with absolute assurance of wining?

3.  What are some of the battles in the Bible where God guaranteed a victory? When did God layout the battle plans?

4.  Paul ends Ephesians by discussing the spiritual battle we are in as Christians. What does spiritual warfare mean to you?

5.  Ephesians 6:10-18 is Paul’s conclusion and summary of God’s battle plan for us. The first part of the plan is in vs.10, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” What does that mean to you?

6.  Part one of God’s Battle Plan is “God has thoroughly equipped us to live, grow, and be with him for eternity.” Is that true? Why?

7.  According to Eph.4:2-6, what is every Christian’s mission?

8.  Explain and discuss Eph.4:7? What does it mean?

9.  In what ways do we support one another, according to Eph.4:25-32?

10. Our general orders are in Eph.5:1-2 and our responsibilities are listed in 5:8-21. Where do we apply these? (See 5:22 – 6:9)

11. What is Paul really saying in 6:10? Is he cheering or warning?