God’s Draft – Wrong Gender

God’s Draft – Wrong Gender

God’s Draft – Wrong Gender                                   7-19-20

Bottom Line: Any feelings of being unqualified to serve God because of gender come from man not God.


 A. The summer before my Senior year in HS was basketball heaven! Awesome games! Felt appreciated.

   1. Begged me to play for local HS. Really wanted me!

   2. GCS I’d be sixth man – Wrong time & priority for me

 B. Eph.1:3-10, Chosen, Adopted, Redeemed, Revelation!

   1. Who? Men only? “It’s a man’s world.”

   2. Is it a “man’s” church too? What does God want?

 C. God’s draft is being called by God – become a disciple!

Drafted but not in the game! Why? Excuses? Qualification!

   1. Last Sunday – the wrong age – too young or too old!

   2. Today – the wrong gender. Is that possible?

   3. Why would any woman feel unqualified to serve God?

 D. Let’s study this by looking a three of God’s women.

1. Did Eve have a problem feeling qualified?

 A. In the beginning, God made/drafted both genders!

   1. A matching set – Gen.2:16-25

   2. A matching mistake – Gen.3:1-13

   3. A matching punishment – Gen.3:14-19

 B. Why would God’s woman feel un-draft-able or not in the game? It clearly wasn’t God’s intent.

   1. The ripple effect of the fall – dominion = inferior

   2. Serve/please = subservient and powerless

   3. It came from sin, culture, and male ego! Still does!

 C. What was Eve really like? Don’t mess with Eve!

2. Did Deborah have a problem feeling qualified?

 A. She is the only Judge called a prophet!

 B. She was clearly a leader long before. 4:1-5

 C. She was able to direct militarily. 4:6-10, 14-16

 D. Her song, 5:8; “The land was quiet for forty years.” The end of her story in Judges. vs.31

3. Did Esther have a problem feeling qualified? (10 chapters of Esther)

 A. She listened to Mordecai

 B. Risked her life but asked for 3 days of fasting & prayer

 C. She impressed everyone: Hegai, took care, advised

 D. Willing to trust God – twice, chapter 4 & 8

 E. Could have had “Half my kingdom” – honored God

 F. Tough: extended another day; hang bodies of sons

   * A special lady who went from slave to queen!

Conclusion:  What do these ladies teach us?

A. God gives everyone talents & abilities – must be used!

B. Success involves wisdom, opportunity, & timing!

C. You are defined by God not your gender or culture

D. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

   1. What does He need to help you do?

   2. Being one in Christ comes from putting on Christ!


Bible Study for 7-19-20

God’s Draft – Wrong Gender

1.  What does it mean to be “called” by God?

2.  Why do we sometimes feel unqualified to do things God wants us to do?

3.  What are some reasons why a woman would feel unqualified to serve God?

4.  In Genesis 2, how were Adam and Eve different?

5.  Who is most responsible for their sin in the Garden?

6.  Their punishment, in Genesis 3:14-19, is a curse or a foretelling?

7.  Was Deborah really a leader or a figurehead? (Judges 4)

8.  How important was Deborah to their victory in battle?

9.  Esther had to make some difficult choices.  What do these choices tell us about her? (Esther 1-10)

10. What does Esther teach us about opportunity and timing?

11. “You are defined by God, not your gender or culture.” Is that true? Why is it so difficult to believe?