God’s Nature Miracles

God’s Nature Miracles

God’s Nature Miracles                              7-14-19

Bottom Line:  God not only reveals himself in His creation, but He changes it to carry out His will.


 A. We are surrounded by God’s work. (Pictures)

   1. Nature is God’s work!

   2. His creation can’t be duplicated by man!

   3. It reveals cause & planning – “power & divinity” (1:19)

 B. We choose to see nature or the hand of God!

   1. A huge bang & ball of coincidences – beyond Lottery

   2. Or we see Genesis 1:1 everywhere!

 C. A special song about God’s presence in His creation…

   1. Close your eyes and picture every phrase

   2. All Things Bright and Beautiful, #85

   3. David in Psalm 8

 D. Textbook definition of a Jesus miracle from Wilbur M. Smith, The Super-Naturalness of Christ, p.111.  “…a miracle…is an event which never could have been the result of the working of laws of nature as we understand them, but is of such an extraordinary character that it requires for its cause the intervention of a supernatural being, i.e., an event which man himself cannot duplicate, and which cannot be accounted for by any naturalistic cause.”

   1. Beyond the laws of nature

   2. Only explanation for cause is a supernatural being

   3. Cannot be duplicated by man or natural causes

 E. That is the “WHAT” of miracles, but what about the “WHY”?

   * Why were there miracles of nature?

1.  Jesus turned water into wine! Why?

 A. John 21:1-11 is the only mention of it. Why? John’s purpose was very specific and different.

   1. John 20:31; “that you may believe…”

   2. John 21:24; eyewitness account & there’s more!

 B. Jesus acted out of love and respect for His Mom!

 C. It was clearly supernatural: act of power, quality, & quantity!  NO LIMITS FOR GOD!

   1. An act of service not self-service – “Look at me!”

   2. “…revealed His glory to his disciples” vs.11

2.  Jesus stilled the storm!  Why?

 A. Recorded by all the synoptic gospels (Mt.8, Mk.4, Lk.8)

 B. Mark 4:35-41; sleeping vs. stressing; “don’t you care”

 C. Challenge of faith, trust, & divinity! “Who is this?”

 D. Can and will God alter nature for us? Already has!

3.  Twice Jesus caused a huge catch of fish?  Why?

 A. Luke 5:1-7, James, John, & Simon called

 B. Jn 21:1=11, Jesus calls them again!

 C. Why? Sign & power but mostly get their attention

 D. What might God do to get your attention?

4.  Jesus walked on the sea!  Why?

 A. (Mt.14, Mk.6, Jn.6) Mt.14:23-31 includes Peter

 B. Storm, hard work, fearful – see a ghost!  “Take courage! It is I!”  His presence changes everything!

 C. vs.31: Little faith!  Why did you doubt! His power and God’s plan! Nothing can stop either one!

 D. Can we really know God is we never trust Him?

5.  Jesus used miracles of nature to teach a lesson?

 A. Pulled tribute money from a fish; Mt.17:24-27

   * An amazing miracle to talk about who deserves tribute

 B. Just before His crucifixion, he cursed a fig tree, Mt.21 & Mk 11

   * Key verse: Mt.21:20-21, Faith & Prayer lesson

 C. Like the parable of the Talents:  Use it or lose it!

 D. See your God-given potential!  Fruit or just leaves?


A. Does God intervene in nature for us?

   1. Change weather?  Find what we need? More…

   2. Police asking for prayers for good weather…

B. If it’s God’s will, there are no limits!  What has he done?

C. “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer!” vs.21 Not perform but help us glorify God!