HeartSight – Godly Relationships

HeartSight – Godly Relationships

HeartSight – Godly Relationships                         8-23-20

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Bottom Line: Relationships must be built, and spiritual relationships must be built according to God’s will.


 A. What school of relationship building did you attend?

   1. There is no such school. We were schooled at school

   2. Probably the real loss of not being able to have school now.

 B. We didn’t go to a school, but we all picked up on some things…

   1. Our understanding and practice of relationship building comes from several different sources. Some we take and others we don’t!

   2. Family – our personality – our perspective – our expectations

   3. Training is probably the least experienced: taught or reading

 C. I used to teach relationship building to teens in a seminar!

   1. At the close of the Youth Rally era in the 80’s

   2. The Friendship Factor, Elements of relationship Building

          * Assign top priority    * Cultivate Transparency

          * Dare to talk about your affections   * Learn the gestures of love

          * Create Space

 D. The church is the body of Christ and our support system!

   1. Remember last week’s warning about playing w/ fire?

   2.Don’t partner up w/ those who are disobedient, Eph.5:7

 E. We have a new set of partners! God’s people! Eph.5:8-21 is God’s will and plan for godly relationships!

1. Be light!  Read vs.8-14    (Lamp)

 A. New contrast: once WERE darkness, now ARE light!

 B. The fruit of light = goodness, righteousness and truth

 C. Find out what pleases the Lord! Care, seek, & learn!

 D. Don’t mix light & darkness! Expose it to light!

2. Be Smart!  Read vs.15-16   (Clock)

 A. Be very careful! Serious business! Unwise vs. Wise!

 B. Make the most of every opportunity! Don’t miss out!

 C. The days are evil? Plenty of opportunities to be ungodly.

3. Be Spirit driven!  Read vs.17-20    (Jug)

 A. Do not be foolish = understand what the will of the Lord is

 B. Be filled = what influences you! No longer wine but Spirit!

 C. Be filled = present tense in Gr. = never stop filling up with the Spirit of God!

 D. Spirit filled = one another sharing and building! Give Thanks!

4. Be Servants!  Read vs.21   (Basin)

 A. Mutual submission = filled w/ Spirit! Serve, respect, humble, help

 B. Out of reverence for Christ? Because of Him & FOR Him!

 C. Being submissive is being like Jesus – all He taught about it!


A. The assembly of saints was always intended to be a vehicle for ALL the one another things God wants us to do for each other!

B. Relationships based on everyone being light, wise, Spirit filled, and submissive to each other!

C. How can we do these things when we have to be apart? How can we be light, wise, Spirit filled, and submissive from a distance?

D. Spirit filled, vs.19, is sharing and giving thanks for everything!

   * We don’t have to be together to do either one!


Bible Study for Sunday, August 23, 2020

HeartSight – Godly Relationships

1.  On your journey to adulthood, where did you learn the most about building relationships?

2.  Why do some people not see the connection between “going to church” and relationship building? Is there one? Why or why not?

3.  Ephesians 5:7 warns us to not be partners with those who are disobedient. What kind of people should we be partners with?

4.  What does it mean to “live as children of light”?

5.  Paul tells us to “find out what pleases the Lord.” What do you think the answer is?

6.  We are challenged to make the most of every opportunity. What opportunities do you think Paul was talking about?

7.  What do you think it means to be filled with the Spirit?

8.  What does it mean to “submit to one another”? What does it not mean? Is there a better word than submit?

9.  When and where do we do all the “one another” stuff the New Testament talks about?

10. How does being light, being wise, being Spirit filled, and being submissive to one another help us as a church family?