HeartSight – Playing with Fire

HeartSight – Playing with Fire

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HeartSight – Playing With Fire                            8-16-20

Bottom Line: We must not cheapen God’s grace by toying with sin and assuming we won’t get burned.


 A. Are you a control freak when it comes to being in charge of a fire?

   1. It must be built just right! New fuel added just right! Moved around just right!

   2. It’s a man thing, because women just want to roast a marshmallow!

 B. Fires are fascinating! Watching them is comforting & relaxing!

   1. Experimenting with it is alluring to every kid – mostly boys

   2. Accidental fires, burns, and tragedies happen often

 C. “If you play with fire…” you risk getting burned! Applied to life!

   1. Playing with things that can harm us increases the risk

   2. Smoking, over-eating, being sedentary, etc. all have eventual risks.

 D. Spiritually, it’s very dangerous to play with fire! Fire is sin!

   1. At one time we ignored grace! Have we overdone emphasizing it?

   2. Are we too comfortable with sin? Enlighted means permissive now!

 E. Our problem is mixing our values w/ God’s values:

   1. My values: preferences, habits & customs, convictions

   2. God’s values: (Eph.5:1-2) Imitators of God, Life of love, Just like Jesus – Summary after Seven practices of a transformed life!

   3. Problem: our mixing is a partial overlap w/ some of Jesus

   4. God’s overlap is total sacrifice – all else is cheap grace!

 F. Playing with the fire of sin is ignoring how serious this is to God!

1. The Fire, Eph.5:3

 A. These are not the biggest or biggie sins – just common sins!

   1. Sexual immorality – porneia –  lust – described in Rom.1:24-32

   2. Impurity – sexual promiscuity, filthy practices

   3. Greed – lust for more, selfish drive, “It’s all about money!”

 B. Not sort of bad! “Not even a hint!” “Improper for God’s people”

 C. Some things are non-negotiable with God!

   1. How often do we disappoint God with our choices?

   2. Why do we play with fire that we should be running from?

2. The Sparks, vs.4

 A. Things that come from compromising on the three mentioned

   1. Obscenity – filthy talk, unwholesome talk of 4:29 Rotten

   2. Foolish talk – stupid chatter, silly, & sarcastic mean

   3. Coarse joking – double meaning, crude & ungodly

 B. Symptoms of loose values: immoral, impure, & greedy

 C. “out of place” = “rather thanksgiving” = what is missing

3. The Ashes, vs.5-7

 A. Consequences of taking God’s grace lightly = RESULTS

   1. BE SURE! All three are guilty of idolatry = god of self

   2. No inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

 B. Be careful of those who deceive w/ empty words!

 C. God’s wrath is coming on those who are disobedient

 D. Do not be partners with them! Pick the right friends!


A. This is serious to God! Salvation was not cheap!

B. He waits, paid, offers, and we return to the pigpen!

C. God wants us and we’re busy decorating our pigpen!

D. It’s not the pig pen but the choice!

Bible Study for Sunday, August 16, 2020


HeartSight – Playing With Fire

1.  Why do you think we enjoy looking at a campfire or a fireplace fire?

2.  What does the old proverb about “playing with fire” say to you? What is the underlying principle it teaches us?

3.  Why do you think so many Christians have become comfortable with sin?  Are we abusing grace?

4.  How much should our values be transformed by God’s values?

5.  Why do you think Paul picked sexual immorality, impurity, and greed to warn Christians to not have “even a hint” of connection with? (Eph.5:3)

6.  In today’s culture, how do we “play with fire” when it comes to these three sins?

7.  What is the connection between the three sins of verse 3 and the three actions of verse 4?

8.  How serious are the consequences for Christians? Read vs.5-7

9.  What is the connection with the need to beware of those who “deceive with empty words”?

10. Why is this so important to God? What does it have to do with how we value or devalue grace?