HeartSight – New Attitude

HeartSight – New Attitude

HeartSight – New Attitude                                 3-8-20

Bottom Line: To be a follower of Christ we must let go of worldly thinking and living.


 A. We all got in trouble as kids. It’s part of growing up.

 B. We all probably heard the same disciplinary lines…

   1. What were you thinking? We weren’t, of course!

   2. You know better than that! Yes, but we did it anyway!

 C. There are very few wrong choices people make where that statement wouldn’t be true. We know better, but…

   1. The story of Ananias & Sapphira in Acts 5

   2. The story of Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8

   3. The story of Herod in Acts 12

   4. The story of Peter in Galatians 2

 D. We all have stories to tell, and we are in pretty good company. We sin and make mistakes = we know better!

 E. Paul wrote to the Ephesians about God’s love & grace

   1. Because of that – we should be united & loving

   2. Because of that – we should support & build up each other – it’s the purpose of being a family of God!

   3. But sometimes Christians don’t respond to God the way we should.  AND WE KNOW BETTER…

 F. Paul’s warning in the middle of his call for us to be the family of God – being what God wants us to be!

   1. What does God see His children doing…

   2. He sees His children refusing to let go of the world and their former way of life!

   3. Paul reminds us, we know better! “I insist on it in the Lord…” God is not ignoring! He is looking

   4. He sees clear choices we all need to make.

1. God sees those living like the ungodly, vs.17-19

 A. Gentile = no covenant relationship w/ God = ungodly!

 B. “you must know longer” = some were still doing it!

 C. Paul gives four clear descriptions to let go of:

   1. “futility of their thinking “ = always fails in the end!

   2. “darkened in understanding” = not wanting light!

   3. “separated from the life of God = no relationship

          * ignorance = don’t understand God

          * hardening of their hearts = no desire for God

   4. “lost all sensitivity” = no self-control or limits, more!

          *MSG = “full of greed”

2. God sees those living like we know Jesus, vs.20-24

 A. We know the truth in Jesus! Truth brings change!

 B. Paul gives four clear descriptions of the change that Jesus should bring to our life…

   1. Shock! You know better! We always knew…

   2. “put off your old self” – corrupted by deceitful desires

   3. “be made new in the attitude of your mind”

   4. “put on the new self” – created to be like God

          * righteousness = choosing what is right

          * holiness = choosing to please God


A. Let go of the worlds thinking and living! Know better!

B. Groundhog Day = discovering purpose in life!

   1. How many things did he try? (4 points of #1)

   2. Unselfish living, others oriented (4 points of #2)

C. Have you let go yet?