My Witness – The Last Supper

My Witness – The Last Supper

My Witness – The Last Supper                            3-15-20

Bottom Line: Saying “good-bye” to people you love is never easy.


 A. Did you ever think of that first Passover as a “good-bye” meal?

   1. Saying good-bye to the firstborn Egyptian children?

   2. Saying good-bye to the only life ever known?

   3. Saying good-bye to bondage!

 B. Thursday night, Jesus and apostles gathered to remember and to obey God’s commandment.

   1. It was a meal w/ wine and unleavened bread

   2. A celebration of deliverance & being God’s chosen

 C. It was more than a meal & more than wine & bread.

   1. It was the beginning of the events leading to the cross

   2. Some questions about this Last Supper arise…

 D. We are called to be witnesses, but we can’t be a witness if we don’t know what to share!

 E. Need some helpers for a panel discussion…

1. It’s called The Last Supper!

 A. Just think about the profound nature of being “last”!

   1. Last fellowship with people you love

   2. Last memory for them and you

   3. Last meal = condemned!

 B. They didn’t understand it, but he had been clear!

          Mark 10:32-34, How did they miss it?

2. For them, it would never just be the Passover again!

 A. What did Jesus mean in Matt.26:26-29?

 B. What is changing?

 C. Did they understand what Jesus was saying?

3. John tells us about another major part of this meal.

 A. Why did Jesus wash their feet?

 B. Why is it significant that it is what he wanted at his last meal with them?

 C. How do we obey this today?

4. Only Jesus and Judas knew what Judas was about to do.

 A. How do you think Jesus felt?

 B. Why didn’t he try to talk Judas out of it?

 C. Why did he wash Judas’ feet?

 D. What does it teach us about dealing with people who betray or disappoint us?


A. How does this help us with our witness for Jesus?

B. 1 Cor.11:26, Paul tells us that communion helps us to “proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.” How?

C. Next week we will look at Jesus being put on trial.