My Witness – Jesus Is Put on Trial

My Witness – Jesus Is Put on Trial

My Witness – Jesus Is Put on Trial                                                   3-22-20


A. Last Sunday we looked at the Last Supper, Matt.26:27-29

   1. Last meal together before his death

   2. Last time the Passover would be like they always remembered

   3. Lasting lesson about servant leadership = washing feet

 B. vs.30, they moved from their meal to the Mount of Olives

   1. Jesus is beginning to feel the human pressure of what’s coming

   2. He wanted time with them and with his Father

 C. The elements of his trials – reminds us that we are in a time of trials

1. His concern for others

 A. Jesus talks with Peter, 26:31-35

 B. Sometimes all we can do is advise, encourage, and pray

2. His desire to give support and receive support

 A. Jesus and the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, 26:36-56

 B. Closest with him for support, but they slept

 C. His prayer to God to be focused on His will

 D. Sometimes other disappoint us with their lack of support

3. His rejection of the religious leaders

 A. Jesus before the Sanhedrin

 B. 26:57-75, the ones who should have recognized Who & What he was

 C. Even spiritual leaders can disappoint us

4. He was sold out by politics

 A. Jesus before Pilate, 27:11-16

 B. Personally, he wanted to release Jesus, but politics won out

 C. It’s generally going to be disappointing to trust the world


A. We are talking a lot about things like cooperation, support, and being responsible with this national crisis over Corona

B. Where were such concepts in the trials of Jesus?

C. How do we put Jesus on trial? Do we?

   1. Our inconsistency – not sold on him yet!

   2. The influence of others who dismiss Him!

   3. Out doubts – questions about His reality and our transformation

Bible Study: If you are interested in a brief study of these passages, whether individually or as a family, I have some discussion questions that go with each part.  Read the passage and talk about the questions.

Jesus Is Put on Trial

1. Jesus talks to Peter, Matthew 26:31-35

   * We always remember the prediction of Peter denying Jesus, but how many of them did Jesus say would leave him?

   * How confident was Peter about his loyalty to Jesus?  Was he the only one who felt that way?

   * How do you imagine Jesus’ tone of voice when he told Peter about what he would do before the morning rooster would crow?

2. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Matthew 26:36-56

   * How did Jesus feel about what was coming?

   * How well did his followers support Him?

   * What part did the apostles play in the arrest scene?

3. Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Matthew 26:57-75

   * How was the truth ignored and twisted by them?

   * Why didn’t Jesus attempt to refute the false witnesses?

   * How did some member of the Sanhedrin respond when Jesus confirmed that He was the Christ? (see vs.65-68)

4. Jesus before Pilate, Matthew 27:11-26

   * Why was Pilate reluctant to punish Jesus? (vs.18-19)

   * How is Pilate a good example of politics over-ruling wisdom?

   * What does Pilate’s act of washing his hands tells us about him?