My Witness: Jesus Is Crucified

My Witness: Jesus Is Crucified

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My Witness:  Jesus Is Crucified                                3-29-20

Bottom line: The crucifixion of Jesus is the ultimate example of wonderful things happening in the midst of crisis.


 A. An honest look at my present crisis.  Poor me! Really?

 B. We all experience crisis is life. It’s part of life & growing

 C. There are a couple of truths that seem to be constants when it comes to dealing & sharing crisis in our life.

   1. In a crisis, there is always someone who had it worse!

   2. In a crisis, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! It may be hard to see, but it’s there!

 D. How good are you at looking for good or light in the middle of a crisis? Lemon vs. lemonade; glass half…?

 E. There are very few more horrific and painful ways to die than being crucified. Few movies hurt me more than The Passion of Christ. A real person suffering real pain.

   1. What made it so meaningful was that it was for me

   2. So ugly, how can you find anything good in it?

 F. No crisis in all of history had more good & light in it than the crucifixion of Jesus. Nothing like it!

   1. Hope for us in a hopeless execution

   2. Redemption for us in a very un-redeeming event

   3. Love displayed in the most unloving spectacle in all of history. What other crisis describes the love of God?

 G. There are three parts to the crucifixion of Jesus, each one signifying a level of suffering.  Matt.27:27-44

1. The Torturing of Jesus, vs.27-31

 A. This is all about PAIN! Physical pain & endurance

 B. Actually begins w/ vs.26 – “he had Jesus flogged”

 C. For the Romans, Jesus was a symbol of the Jews

2.  The Crucifixion of Jesus, vs.32-38

 A. This is all about SLOW DEATH! Drag it out as much as possible! Entertainment and example! We are in control!

 B. A common form of execution for Rome – visual!

 C. Hours or even days of suffering

3.  The Bullying of Jesus, vs.39-44

 A. This is all about PUBLIC RIDICULE!

 B. Bullying is an ugly term for us – hurt on all levels!

   1. Soldiers: nails, sign, gamble

   2. Spectators: vs.39-40, “If you are…”

   3. Chief priests, teachers, & elders, vs.41-43 “if”

   4. Robbers: heaped insults on him?

 C. Bullying the only innocent & pure man you ever lived!


A. What is worse than Pain, Slow Death, Ridicule & rejection? All hurt in many different ways.

B. What got Jesus through it? Love & trust in God!


C. The best moment of the day! He cried out with a loud voice “It is finished!” – he gave up his spirit. With God!

D. He wants us to have that same joy & expectation!


Bible Study from the lesson: My Witness – Jesus Is Crucified                          Sunday, March 29, 2020

1. What does it mean if someone calls you a “Pollyanna”?  (Google it or use Wikipedia if you need to research it)

2. How and when does the Pollyanna Principle match the mind of a child or God? Does it match? Why or why not?

3. Is there always a bright side to every crisis? When is it the hardest to see that bright side?

4. Read Philippians 3:7-10 and 4:11-13.  What do you think was Paul’s Pollyanna Principle? What defined it and where did it come from?

5. In the lesson I made this statement, “No crisis in all history had more good and light in it than the crucifixion of Jesus.”  Is that an accurate statement? Why?

6. After reading Matthew 27:26-31, discuss and describe all the parts of how they tortured Jesus.

7. Why was crucifixion considered a “slow death”? (see vs.32-38)

8. What does the mean-spirited ridiculing comments from each group at the cross tell us about them? What is significant about their use of “if”?

          The soldiers, vs.34-37

          The spectators, vs.39-40

          The chef priests, teacher of the law, & elders, vs.41-43

          The robbers, vs.44

9. What would you consider to be the worst and saddest part of the crucifixion for Jesus?

10. What is special about the phrase, “he gave up his spirit”?