HeartSight – Practice #6 Evaluate

HeartSight – Practice #6 Evaluate

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HeartSight – Practice #6 Evaluate                              6-28-20

Bottom Line: The best way to evaluate our transformed life is to look at what we keep from our hearts.


 A. Have you said, “I hate wearing a face mask” yet today?

   1. I really don’t like it but then, it’s not about me

   2. Do I really HATE it? Prefer not to wear it!

 B. What do you hate? Asparagus? Mocha? Liver? Pickles?

   1. Why do we love and hate so much? Overuse both!

   2. We love superlatives! Problem? Where do you go once you have used the top superlatives? “Really”!

 C. Overuse also waters down the meaning of both!

   1. Hate really means I don’t like or care for something

   2. Changes from a superlative to judging w/ people

 D. We all get angry, but when anger turns to hate it becomes heart poison. People aren’t asparagus!

   1. The Bible shows us that there is a place for hate!

          * Hate wickedness! Hate evil! Hate Divorce!

          * “Hate what is evil, cling to what is good.” Rom.12:9

   2. But when it comes to people – “Do good to all who hate you,” said Jesus in Luke 6:27, love your enemies and not just those who love you, Mt.5:43-48 Be like God!

 E. Paul writes to Christians and challenges all to change!

   1. Put off your old self – put on new – change your attitude – be like God in righteousness & holiness

   2. A transformed life is a different life than before…

 F. What does a transformed life look like – vs.25-30

   1. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God – be consistent!

   2. How do I know? Vs.31 “Get rid of all…”

 G. Hateful hearts are Christ-less hearts! Evaluate yours!

   1. Make room for Jesus by getting rid of all hatefulness

   2. What are we talking about?

1. Why do we let hate dominate us?

 A. Hateful hearts come from sinful passions…

   1. Driven to not forget

   2. Driven to payback – revenge is a strong motivator

   3. Driven to focus on self – I deserve better – entitled

 B. Remember when Absalom’s sister Tamar was raped by Amnon? 2 Sam.13, 2 yrs later, hatred of Amnon & Dad

 C. How does hate become heart poison? Three ingredients: Hate – Hurt – Seething!

2. What does heart poison look like?

 A. It is what grieves the Holy Spirit – see vs.31

   1. Bitterness = festered; 2. Rage = uncontrolled passion

   3. Anger = unlimited vs.26; 4. Brawling = fight, dissension

   5. Slander = talking bad; 6. Malice = seeking to hurt

 B. All thing that the “old self” might have done, but…

 C. Godly hearts cannot carry such baggage!

3. What should we do about it?

 A. “Get rid of it” – “have no more to do w/ it” – Every kind and any trace! We can’t keep poison in the same heart!

 B. The challenge to become the “new self” God wants

 C. Be like Jesus! Act and talk! These were not part of him!


A. Hate comes from “Look at what you did to me!”

B. Love comes from “Look at what Jesus did for you!”

C. God has every reason to hate us but God is love!


Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (6)

Sunday, June 28, 2020

1.  Why do we use the word “hate” so often when we are talking about things we don’t like? Is that good or bad? Why?

2.  I there an appropriate place for hate? When, where, and why?

3.  When is it okay to hate people? Why or why not?

4.  Why is hate “heart poison”?  Or is it?

5.  As followers of Christ, who have been transformed, what do we need to do with hateful feeling and thinking?

6.  Why do we allow hate to dwell in our hearts?

7.  What are the three ingredients for heart poison? How do they work together to build an ungodly heart?

8.  Why is getting rid of the things mentioned in Eph.4:31 so important to our walk with God?

9.  If these are part of the “old self” what does the “new self” look like?

10. Which of those things in verse 31 can we have and still be like Jesus?

11. Is it a true statement that God has every reason to hate us? Why or why not? Why doesn’t He hate us?