HeartSight – Practice #7 Love

HeartSight – Practice #7 Love

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HeartSight – Practice #7 Love                                        7-5-20

Bottom Line: The most important practice for a child of God is always love.


 A. Wonderful & favorite HGTV show, Home Town, with Ben and Erin Napier.

   1. Small town – sweet Christian couple – former minister

   2. Renovate all old homes in Laurel, MS

 B. Intro to the show, Erin says, “We don’t see a house the way it is but the way it can be.”

   1. Beautiful way to approach renovating houses

   2. Also a beautiful way to see others!

 C. I love seeing this in The Chosen series! Great series! My favorite depiction of Jesus in any movie.

   1. Season 1 – intro to Jesus & gathering his apostles

   2. Peter & Andrew, James & John, at end calls Matthew

 D. Jesus called people not because of what they were but what they could become!

   1. He called them to become fishers of men!

   2. Jn.1:43-50, Philip grabs Nathaniel to go see Jesus, vs.46-51 Jesus says more is coming

 E. Jesus was saying to them “I believe in you!”

   1. Ironic since our job is to believe in Him!

   2. His belief in them had to be matched by their belief in Him! It took years, signs, and a resurrection! He was first!

   3. Choice! Always! Just look at Peter & Judas w/ Jesus

 F. Paul believed in the Ephesians and us! 3:14-21 Prayer

   1. We made the choice to be followers of Jesus = change

   2. We believe in principles and live by practices – 4:25ff

* Authentic * Self-control * Integrity * Inspire * Consistency * Evaluate * #7?

1. The single most important practice is love. 4:32-5:2

 A. Love defines how we treat one another, vs.32

   1. Be kind – opposite of vs.31 “I believe you can”

   2. Be compassionate – like Jesus was to all “I believe…”

   3. Be forgiving – as Christ forgave you! “I believe…”

 B. Choose to imitate God! What? How? Matt.5:48 “I believe you can do it!” Jesus always did!

   1. As dearly loved children = be like Dad!

   2. Live a life of love – 1 Pet.4:8, 1 Cor.13 goal

   3. Love like Jesus did = gave himself, offering, sacrifice to God! “I believe you can do it!”

2. This is Paul’s declaration of confidence!

 A. Paul, “I believe in you!” Prayed for us to do it!

 B. Jesus saying, “I believe in you!” Died believing in us!

 C. God believes in us! He wouldn’t be waiting if He didn’t believe you could come home!

3. We are surrounded by others who believe in us!

 A. Parents, family, & friends – growing up

 B. Teachers, coaches, mentors, Bible Teachers, ministers, and shepherds

 C. Our spouse & children and grandchildren believe in you

   * Kenny Rogers song, “She believes in me”


A. Through the noise & clutter of a world full of distractions, can you hear the call of God, Jesus, and the HS saying, “I believe in you!”?

B. The baptism of Jesus – God’s declaration – LISTEN!


Bible Study from: Seven Practices of a Transformed Life (7)

Sunday, July 5, 2020

1.  Do you ever look at people and see what they could be rather than what they are? When? Who?

2.  Why did Jesus call Peter and Judas to be apostles? Didn’t he know they would deny and betray him?

3.  Following Jesus was an act of faith for the apostles, but was Jesus showing faith in them by calling them to follow him? Why?

4.  If we believe the spiritual principles of Eph.4:20-24, how important is it for us to accept the practices of Eph.4:25-32?

5.  Why is transformational practice #7, love, the most important? Is it?

6.  What do the three “one another” qualities in vs.32 have in common?

7.  Why does Eph.5:1&2 belong with 4:32? Or why not?

8.  How can we possibly “be imitators of God”?

9.  Does God believe in you? Why? How do you know?

10. Who has God put in your life that believes in you?

11. What does the sharp contrast between Eph.4:31 and 32 teach us about making choices in life?