Help!                                                                         3-17-19

Bottom Line: God put us together in a church family to help each other.


 A. Our visit to Liverpool, England last Summer

   1. Surprisingly pretty city – not what I expected

   2. Biggest claim to fame?  The Fab Four

 B. Still some of the best music ever written or performed.

   1. What is your favorite Beetles song?

   2. Huge impact on me from ’63 – ’70 (I Want to Hold Your Hand to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band)

 C. 1965 John Lennon w/ some help from Paul McCartney wrote “Help” – for the movie!

   1. #1 for 3 weeks, 29th on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of all time. Very Personal & honest for John.

   2. Lyrics are meaningful and universal:

 D. The need for help is universal

   1. It’s part of life: maturing, growing, surviving & thriving

   2. It’s God’s intent for his people:  church support!

 E. Just think about His two descriptions of us!

   1. Body: 1 Cor.12, togetherness, unity, & support

   2. Family: Bond, commitment, love, & support

 F. Every One Another passage is about helping others!

   1. It’s a special gift – 1 Cor.12:27-31

   2. It’s a godly gift – Psalm 18:1-6; 46:1-3; 121

 G. As God’s family & God’s children, we help one another!

1.  We help by serving one another!

 A. We serve all, but family is first – Gal.6:10

 B. Why? Because of love – Gal.5:13-15  (vs.6 is key)

 C. How do we serve one another?

2.  We help by caring for one another!

 A. The first Christians understood what that meant!

   * Acts 2:42-47; 4:32; 6

 B. We care about one another’s struggles & burdens, Gal.6:1&2

   1. Means being close enough to share struggles

   2. We just don’t know the burdens of others…

          * Geico commercial: James Bond type, mom calls

          * “It’s noisy there! Are you doing Zumba?

 C. How do we care for one another? Show we care?

3.  We help by sharing with one another!

 A. Romans 12:9-13, “Share…God’s people in need”

 B. Knowing – communicating – safe = small group

 C. How do we share with one another?

4.  We help by contributing to one another’s spiritual growth!

 A. 1 Peter 4:8-11, vs.10, use gifts to serve others = grace

 B. Helping is grace in action – God’s grace not ours

 C. How do we help others grow spiritually?

   * What do you do for family?  Love & support!


A. One of the most beautiful things about helping others is how it helps you! Best way to deal w/ problems and struggles is to help someone else deal with theirs!

B. What is your struggle?  Who can you help?