Hi! My Name Is Jesus! (4)

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! (4)

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Temple Tantrum       11-8-20

Bottom Line: Jesus cleansed the Temple to honor and respect the Father.


 A. In the 60’s I had a crush on the 1966 Ivy Green Mustang! First generation mustangs starting in 1964.

 B. The Parable of the Ivy Green Mustang: (Picture)

   1. Joe’s gift from his dying father – just take care of it!

   2. He and his wife drove other cars, it was in the garage

   3. Joe Jr. going off to college 5 hrs away. Take it!

   4. Came home Thanksgiving – car a mess! Xmas = mess

   5. Joe cleaned it up, took the keys & drove Jr. to school

   6. Respect & honor my father’s car! Rethink at spr. Break

 C. Jesus went to the Temple – John 2:13-22

   1. Chronological puzzle w/ synoptics later visit. Problem?

   2. Two visits: different language, descriptions, others don’t mention Jesus’ challenge “Destroy this temple”

   3. Two witnesses at trials later remembered

   4. First time a surprise, 2nd time they were enraged!

 D. John tells us this because there is something about Jesus he wants us to know. Revelation not narrative!

   1. A dramatic event unlike anything else Jesus did

   2. Jesus is the only one w/ the right to swing a whip!

1. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I can’t stand to see my Father dishonored or disrespected!

 A. How many visits has he made? Why now! His ministry!

 B. “My Father’s house” = deep emotion! Confusion, chaos

 C. Sale of cattle & doves, exchanging money permitted in Temple court – convenience! Chief Priest turned into money making enterprise!  Dishonor & disrespect God!

2. Hi! My name is Jesus, and if you want to be close to my Father, keep the lines of communication flowing!

 A. From meaningful relationship to money making! House of Prayer means a place to be with God!

 B. Like a togetherness event becoming an iPhone event!

 C. Relationship building is a choice = seeking! Involves being intentional, and consistent.

 D. Jesus wants us to truly know the Father!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus, and I would love to see you cleanse your temple!

 A. He changes the debate w/ “Destroy this temple”

   1. They thought he was crazy! 46 yrs & still not done

   2. Three days? He was talking about his body!

 B. Our temple is God’s house – 1 Cor.6:19-20

 C. Don’t be afraid to take a risk! Speak up & stand up!

 D. Jesus is warning us about the dangers of worldly influence on our walk with God! Rituals? Traditions? Money = selfishness


A. What is you dream car! Oldies? For me – VW Beatle, Ivy Green 1966 Mustang, or ’69 Mercury Cyclone – burgundy

B. Shiny new yet old! Change yet no change?

C. We have been called to change – Eph.4:20-24

D. Old made new by Jesus!


Bible Study for Sunday, November 8, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 2:13-22

1.  Looking back through the years, what was your dream car? If you could have it right now, how would you take care of it?

2.  When and where did you learn the importance of honoring and respecting something that represented God?

3.  Do you have a problem with the conclusion that Jesus had two temple cleansings? Why or why not? (John 2 & Matt.21)

4.  Is this a story about Jesus cleansing the temple or is it insight into who Jesus is? What is the difference?

5.  Jesus had been to the temple many times before. Why did he choose to confront the abuse at this time?

6.  If the selling of animals and exchanging of money in the court was permitted, why was Jesus upset with it? What was really going on?

7.  What was the purpose of the temple? What was not being done, according to Jesus?

8.  What does Jesus truly want us to know and do? It is something the temple was built to help with. (It is the reason why the story is shared by John).

9.  What is God’s temple in the new covenant? What is our responsibility in honoring and respecting it?

10. What is the deeper warning in this event that Jesus is giving to all who seek God?