Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Let’s Talk!

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Let’s Talk!

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Hi! My Name Is Jesus! Let’s Talk!        John 3:1-21                  11-15-20

Bottom Line: While Jesus is our guide while still allowing us to have a journey of discovery.


 A. The story of the Ticked-Off Driver!

 B. Who or what do you promote with your driving?

 C. What if Jesus was your driving instructor? What might he point out to you?

   1. You seem to be in a hurry all the time? Why?

   2. It really is okay to let someone else go ahead of you?

   3. That blinker is your opportunity to be considerate.

   4. Mr. & Mrs. Rogers were not slow-pokes. They were not trying to make you angry, they had grandkids in the car with them.

   5. Why do you drive 10 or 15 mph over the speed limit? Is the 5 mph grace not enough?

   6. I noticed you got angry with the speeding lane-changers! Why let them rob you of joy and fun?

   7. That horn is not the trumpet of God! It does not represent Him!

   8. Give space to those in front of you as you wish those behind you would give you space!

   9. That lady who didn’t turn right on red doesn’t HAVE to turn right on red. Because you can, doesn’t mean you must!

   10. Instead of being stressed out in traffic, why don’t you use that time to talk to me? You can do that, and still keep your eyes on the road!

 D. Can we really say that Jesus has made a difference in our life if he hasn’t made a difference in how we drive?

   1. Maybe that’s an indication of knowing about him more than we truly know him!

   2. We need to sit down w/ him and get to know him.

 E. There is a wonderful example of someone doing just that! Nicodemus had to know him! So, they met!

   1. It tells us something about him

   2. What does it tell us about Jesus? John 3:1-21

1. Hi! My name is Jesus and I absolutely love seekers!

 A. Jesus loved a Pharisee! Vs.1&2 “Rabbi, we know…”

 B. Jesus said we must want it! Vs.3 “No one can see…”

 C. Jesus said we must be willing to change! Born again!

2. Hi! My name is Jesus and I really like for you to connect the dots!  (What great teachers do!)

 A. WHAT? Born over again? Vs.4

 B. vs.5-8, God’s will is simple and clear but faith must be a journey of discovery!  Or it’s not faith!

   * Move beyond the flesh to spiritual formation!

 C. Connect the dots from flesh to spirit, vs.9-15

   * All dots lead to Jesus!

3. Hi! My name is Jesus and I want you to know how dearly my Father loves you!

 A. Gave his only son so we won’t be destroyed, vs.16-18

 B. vs.19-21, He gave light – Dots connect to Jesus!

 C. Jesus connects all the dots to God’s love for us!


A. Wednesday was Veteran’s Day – honor & remember

   * Lot of posts, comments, and sharing

B. Favorite post “Only two defining forces have offered to die for you. Jesus Christ & the American soldier. One died for you soul the other for your freedom.”  Only 1 eternal!


Bible Study for Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hi! My Name Is Jesus! John 3:1-21

1.  Do you have any challenges driving your car in a Christ-like manner?

2.  What might Jesus say to you if he was your driving instructor?

3.  Why should it matter whether or not we drive our vehicles in a godly way?

4.  Why was it a surprise that Jesus met with Nicodemus?

5.  What is significant about Jesus’ call to be born again?

6.  Why does God love seekers?

7.  Why is it important for faith to be a journey of discovery?

8.  What are some ways that Jesus challenges his followers to “connect the dots”?

9.  How much does God love you?

10. In what way did God give the world light? What happened?

11. What does Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus tell you about Jesus?