Jesus Study – Hometown

Jesus Study – Hometown

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Jesus Study – Hometown             

Mark 6:1-6a                       1-31-21

Bottom Line: Even Jesus couldn’t depend on his hometown folks to support and affirm him.


 A. Neopolitan Ice Cream shows us how we have different flavor preferences, but we all love the same dessert.

   1. Interview with David about the survey

   2. Which do you prefer? I love all three!

 B. Do you have memories of desserts w/ family & friends?

   1. Memories of going home and having your favorite?

   2. That is part of the joy of coming home!

 C. Why is coming home so special? Everyone loves it!

   1. We have expectations of support and affirmation!

   2. Support is important. Kenny Rogers 1979 hit, “She Believes In Me” early crossover hit. Struggling song writer!

   3. Affirmation = appreciated, valued, and cared about!

 D. Homecomings should give us both, but sometimes…

   1. Our Viet Nam veterans in the 60’s & 70’s. Nothing!

   2. Jesus, in Mark 6:1-6a Didn’t happen!

1. vs.1-2a What happened? Wowed but not won!

 A. “Hey guys! Let’s go to my hometown!” Excitement?

 B. Probably the first time they ever heard him. Only visitors allowed to comment on scripture.

 C. Many amazed but not convinced! “Who knew…”

2. vs.2b-3 What happened? Hometown hostility!

 A. When did you become so special? Jealousy or surprise?

 B. Sarcastic and rhetorical questions:

   1. We know your preparation! Nothing more than us!

   2. We know your occupation! Just a carpenter! Miracles?

   3. We know your relations! Family down the street!

    *James, Joseph, Judas, Simon, sisters, & Mary?

 C. “they took offense” Gr. root word for scandal!

   1. He is a fake and playing us for fools!

   2. Imagine being offended by Jesus?

3. vs.4-6 What happened? Rejection and reflection!

 A. He used a quoted proverb from Greek & Jewish lit. but changed word to “Prophet”! Principle based on “Familiarity breeds contempt”. Familiar to them!

 B. Was he really unable to do a miracle? Not about his power but his response to faith. Present at most…

 C. Amazed at their lack of faith! Not personal as much as their disconnect with God!


A. Friend in Virginia who came to church w/ his wife. Not a Christian, but just to support her!

B. Mounted Policeman in Nashville wanted to be baptized w/ his uniform on. “I want Jesus to go to work with me.”

C. Support and affirmation from those we care about is important but not essential to our relationship with Jesus.

   1. “Anyone who loves his father or mother more…”

   2. Not about leaving family but about being joined to him no matter what family and friends do!

D. Sometimes we have to do the right thing in spite of them rather than because of them!


Bible Study for Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Jesus Study: Mark 6:1-6a

1.  What are your favorite memories about coming home?

2.  What are some things in your life when receiving support and affirmation from your family was important?

3.  How do you think the disciples felt about getting to go with Jesus to his hometown? What did they expect?

4.  Why were the people in the synagogue amazed to hear him?

5.  Why do you think they suddenly became so hostile towards him?

6.  Would you describe their questions as rhetorical, sarcastic, or both? (vs.2b-3)

7.  How do you think his family felt about having their neighbors reject Jesus?

8.  Why did they take offense at him?

9.  Why does Jesus’ statement about prophets have its roots in “Familiarity breeds contempt”?

10. Why was he unable to do a miracle there? 11. Why was Jesus amazed at their lack of faith?