Seven Mountain Principles #2

Seven Mountain Principles #2

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Seven Mountain Principles #2                             5-1-22

Bottom Line: God loves honest transformation


 A. The hit & miss loyalty of Samson. Judges 13-16

   1. Miracle birth – Nazarite vow – committed to God

   2. “The Spirit of the Lord was with him” as he grew, killed a lion – killed 30 men – 1000w/ jawbone – miracle of water

   3. 20 yrs a Judge – Delilah mess – final prayer & 3k killed.

 B. An example of rollercoaster obedience! Deathbed faith?

 C. Seven Mountain Principles = Jesus telling us about God.

   1. God loves seekers

   2. God loves honest transformation! REAL desire to change

      * A journey – a process – a direction/walk

      * Romans 12:2, Transformation of mind! How you think!

 D. What does honest transformation look like? Mt.5:13-20

1. Salt (vs.13)

 A. “You are” not will be! Salt makes things better! Should!

 B. If loses saltiness? Stops the journey, process, direction…

 C. Good for nothing! God’s judgment – no blessedness!

2. Light (vs.14-16)

 A. “You are” – not becoming but getting brighter!

 B. Cannot be hidden? Can’t hide transformation!

 C. Shines on all… = glorifying the Father!

3. Sincerity (vs.16-20)

 A. Sincerity doesn’t save, but there is no salvation w/o it.

 B. At peace with the truth and with God’s plan!

 C. An honest desire to please God. Vs.20, A real seeker!


A. There is no peace without honesty! Real transformation!

B. The most miserable people in the world? Anxious about God.

C. A dishonest heart is never at peace with God!

D. Philippians 4:6-7, A real relationship brings real peace!