Seven Mountain Principles #1

Seven Mountain Principles #1

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Seven Mountain Principles #1                         4-24-22

Bottom Line: The foundation of our relationship with God is built on us being seekers.


 A. What is your favorite book of the Bible? What would you encourage others to read first?

 B. What is your favorite passage? What one passage would you recommend to others if it could only be 1?

   1. I believe Matthew 5, 6, & 7 is most important.

   2. It is THE message Jesus wanted us to get!

 C. Can you imagine being the audience for the Sermon on the Mount? What did they hear? Become them! Think like they did!

   1. You are deeply hurting for yourself, your family, your community, and your country.

   2. You are desperately longing for hope from God through the coming of the Messiah.

   3. You are willing to do whatever it takes to hear from God.

   4. You are praying that God hasn’t given up on you and your family, and your country.

 D. What did Jesus say and what did they hear?

   1. His sermon “grabber” – Makarios = blessedness!

   2. An interjection! “Favored by God!” God is pleased

1. Are you poor in Spirit?

2. Are you mourning?

3. Are you meek?

4. Are you hungering and thirsting after righteousness?

5. Are you merciful?

6. Are you pure in heart?

7. Are you a peacemaker?

8. Are you persecuted because of righteousness?


A. The principle: God loves a seeker!

B. More important than works, deeds, position, and sacrifice is a heart truly seeking him!

C. Without it, like love, we are nothing!

D. Heb.11:6, faith pleases God, but his reward is reserved for those who diligently seek him!

E. What can we do to help you seek him?