Simon Says – A Roaring Lion

Simon Says – A Roaring Lion

Simon Says – A Roaring Lion                             10-31-21

Bottom Line: If we are not prepared to fight for our faith, the devil will own us again.


 A. Hollywood never depicted Satan as a lion. Movie versions

 B. Names and metaphors for Satan in the Bible:

   1. Adversary, Beelzebub (Supremely evil begin)

   2. Prince of the world, Prince of power in the air

   3. Transforms into an angel of light, 2 Cor.11:14

   4. “Wiles of the devil” and “snare of the devil”

 C. Jesus told about hell prepared for “the devil and his angels” Mt.25:41  he is not omniscient or omnipresent

 D. 1 Peter 5:8, “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

1. What do we need to learn from this metaphor?

 A. A lesson about Predator vs. Prey! “Your enemy”

 B. A lesson about Stalking vs. Confronting! “Prowls around”

 C. A lesson about Devoured vs. Nibbled! Owned by Satan!

   1. Devour = “to eat up greedily”

   2. Nibble = “to bite gently; to eat or chew in small bits”

2. What does God want us to do?

 A. “Be self-controlled and alert.” Be ready!

 B. Resist him firm in your faith,vs.9; Resist & flee, Jam.4:7

 C. Paul – fight the good fight of faith; don’t give opportunity to the devil, Eph.4:27; Put on the armor of God, Eph.6

 D. God will help! “God is faithful-way of escape” 1 Cor.10:13


A. Are you tired of struggling and fighting w/ the devil?

B. I Peter 5:10-11, Peter’s prayer and promise!