Simon Says – Cast Anxiety

Simon Says – Cast Anxiety

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Simon Says – Cast Anxiety                                   10-24-21

Bottom Line: God will help us with our burdens as we learn to trust and depend on him.


 A. Have you ever heard about the church parking lot miracle? It happens every Sunday! Looks over reality!

 B. If you had to wear a sign with your biggest anxiety written on it, what would your sign say?

 C. Things have changed since Jesus spoke about anxiety.

   1. Everyone has them, but they are different now

   2. Matt.6: Jesus said not to be anxious about food, clothes, and tomorrow. No signs with these on them!

   3. Toss outs for us! Toss in File 13!

   4. Principles of priorities true! Seek first the kingdom!

 D. What are you the most anxious about? Synonyms: apprehension, concern, fear, nervous, uneasiness, worry!

 E. New favorite verse! 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

1. Cast all your anxiety on him!

 A. What? What do you pray about most? For me: faith, family, and church (Write on a ball for casting!)

 B. Who are you going to cast it on? Others? Self?

 C. Why cast it? Why not give, hand-off, or unload?

   1. A cast is an attempt. Greek: “to throw upon” a decisive action.

   2. A cast takes effort and intention! Seeker! (Ball toss)

   3. A cast takes repetition! “on him” where he can get it!

       Where can he get it? Prayer! Phil.4:6 misapplied!

       “Do not” vs. “Pray” = replacement not elimination

2. Because he cares for you!

 A. God is not indifferent to our suffering and struggles!

 B. How much does he care for us? Jn.3:16 “How deep is your love” or “How do I love thee” – God’s love is perfect!

 C. The care of God is seen in his loving nature!

   1. His patience, his presence, his providence, and power!

   2. All connected by prayer and our relationship with him.


A. I love you this much?

B. Paul wanted thorn pulling. What do you want God to do?

    Maybe the answer is the same one Paul received.

    “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor.11:9