Tough Stuff From Jesus (3)

Tough Stuff From Jesus (3)

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Tough Stuff From Jesus (3)                                     4-4-21

Bottom Line: The most challenging part of our faith is our belief in the resurrection of Jesus.


 A. Have you ever been a Party Pooper?

   1. Authority figures like Police, teachers, & parents have.

     *There’s nothing worse than being a Preacher PP!

   2. The one to pour cold water on an event?

     *Scene from Band of Brothers on R&R called to the front!

 B. Can you imagine the party atmosphere of the apostles and ladies after Jesus appeared – risen from the grave?

   1. Behind locked doors – But Thomas was gone!

   2. Jn.20:24-25, where he got his reputation!

   3. He refused to accept the eyewitness testimony of his closest friends, who were all unified in their story!

 C. One week later, things would change! Vs.26-29

   1. Blessed are those who have never seen but believe!

   2. Tough Stuff from Jesus: “Stop doubting and believe!”

 D. Three key concepts in this familiar story:

1. Doubt

 A. The Thomas Syndrome = I doubt what I can’t see!

   1. Seeing isn’t always believing! We see things wrong!

   2. Most of what we know as truth didn’t come from seeing! It came from learning and accepting!

 B. Why do people doubt the resurrection?

   1. Too supernatural! “I’ve never seen a real miracle!”

   2. Too long ago!  Book: The Case For Easter, Lee Strobel

 C. Communion is a sharing of belief – the opposite of doubt!

   1. Remember his death but proclaim his resurrection & return!

   2. It is a NO DOUBTING act about something very real!

Communion: Faith w/ touch & feel! So, touch & feel!

2. Believe (in contrast to doubt)

 A. How important is it to believe the resurrection?

          * Romans 10:9-10

 B. Our very conversion is a belief in and connection to the resurrection!  * Romans 6:3-5

 C. The indwelling of the Spirit is connected to the resurrection!   * Romans 8:9-11

Song of Belief in the resurrection: Both Pray & Praise!

3. Witness

 A. Those who believe without seeing, believe a witness!

 B. We are not apostles, but we are all witnesses!

   1. Witness by faith is not inferior to sight! Heb.11

   2. Can I teach and warn others about the Holocaust?

 C. A witness is a light as much as a lecture!

Challenge to Witness: Tables with books and prayer baskets for those needing the Gospel!

  • Songs while members visit a table
  • Prayer for basket names and for 3 concepts!


Bible Study for Sunday, April 4, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus (3)

1.  When have you had to be the “Party Pooper”?

2.  What do you think it was like for Thomas to be completely at odds with all the apostles about Jesus’ resurrection?

3.  What was Jesus challenging Thomas to do when he told him to “Stop doubting and believe”?

4.  How can doubt be good? When is it bad?

5.  Is the saying, “Seeing is believing” always true? Why or why not?

6.  Why do you think people have doubts about the resurrection? What are the biggest reasons?

7.  How is our communion the opposite of doubt? Or is it?

8.  Is it possible to be a Christian and not believe in the resurrection? Why or why not? (See Romans 10:9-10)

9.  How is our baptism connected to the resurrection?  Or is it?                      (See Romans 6:3-5)

10. How can we be a witness to the resurrection without having been there to see it in person? Are we lesser witnesses than the apostles?