Tough Stuff From Jesus

Tough Stuff From Jesus

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Tough Stuff From Jesus                                         3-21-21

Bottom Line:  Choosing to follow Jesus means choosing to do many things that are challenging.


 A. The young guy had it all! Life is good! Money, youth, religion and a chance to meet face-to-face with Jesus.

   1. The Bible calls him the rich young man, Matt.19:16-22

   2. Discussion went well until Jesus’ tough stuff! Money?

   3. What would be your tough stuff? Be careful about ask Jesus what you lack?

 B. I have tough stuff all over my desk! Sayings I need!

   1. “You wouldn’t care so much about what people thought about you if you know how little they did it.”

   2. “Your theology is only as sound as the fruit it produces.”

 C. The toughest stuff is when a standard has been set.

   1. The rich young man in Mt.19 – sell all, give, & follow?

   2. Hard, challenging, and compelling!

 D. Jesus gave us many things that are tough stuff!

   1. The Sermon on the Mount has several things!

   2. Matthew 5:20 in NIV, Context in MSG vs.17-20

1. What is righteousness? “Right living” MSG

 A. Jewish vocabulary of the day it meant doing well, especially with prayer, fasting, and alms giving.

 B. Originally = right action & fair dealing, God the Righteous Judge always did that.

 C. Set up clash: man’s efforts vs. God’s gift thru Jesus!

2. What were the Pharisees doing wrong?

 A. Ungodly legalism! Legal is good! Ism = faith & trust in Law! Law is a tool! Gal.3   Law is death, spirit is life, 2Cor.3:6

 B. Pride – self righteousness

 C. Hypocrisy – only concern w/ outward appearances

 D. No Jesus! Remember they rejected him as the Messiah.

3. How do we exceed or do better? This is the tough stuff! Everyone loved seeing the Pharisees ripped up!

 A. We seek the Spirit not the law – Gal.5:1-6

 B. Humbly and authentically seeking God’s righteousness.

 C. Stay close to Jesus, 2 Peter 3:18, grow in Christ!


A. Tough is a relative depending on experiences!  Preaching a sermon can be thrilling or terrifying!

B. 1 Sam.17 the king and army of Israel were petrified to face Goliath! David was offended and fearless!

   1. Told Saul about killing the lion & the bear!

   2. vs.47, the battle is the Lords – he wasn’t alone!

C. Tough stuff becomes “easy and light” with the help of Jesus!


Bible Study for Sunday, March 21, 2021

Tough Stuff From Jesus

1.  What would you have done if Jesus told you to sell all you had and come follow him?

2.  What are some tough truths that you were challenged with growing up?

3.  Do you have a favorite quote that would quality as tough stuff for you?

4.  A tough stuff directive from Jesus was defined by Mike as being hard, challenging, and compelling. What do these mean to you?

5.  What do you believe the word righteous means?

6.  Are there different kinds of righteousness? What are they?

7.  Why was Jesus so critical of the Pharisees?

8.  What would you say is the biggest problem Jesus had with the Pharisees?

9.  How can we make sure that our righteousness is better than what the Pharisees had?

10. Why is tough a relative concept? How does experience impact our view of what is tough? How is David an example for us?