Uptight – Winning Over Worry

Uptight – Winning Over Worry

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Uptight – Winning Over Worry                               4-26-20

Bottom Line: Worry is one of Satan’s most powerful weapons to destroy the peace that God wants His children to have.


 A. When does pondering turn into worrying? List of Things to ponder.

 B. Worry is an extremely effective weapon of destruction

   1. We all do it. It is natural. It is constant. It is obsessive.

   2. It consumes and destroys both spirit & body – FB post

 C. I grew up being a “worry wort”! Mulling, imagining, reliving…

   1. Still struggle with it today occasionally – but I recognize it

   2. Challenge is to identify it and “Nip it in the bud” as Barney said.

 D. There is certainly plenty of things to be worried, anxious, and stressed about today.

   1. Pandemic pondering turns into worry quickly – what might happen

   2. Collateral concerns – family, friends, church, economy, future…

 E. Is there any difference between worry, anxiety, and stress?

   1. Technically and generally no difference

   2. There is a slight difference in emphasis and elevation

 F. We need to understand, confront, and try to resolve these…

1. Understand what these are in our life!

 A. Worry: mental distress or agitation from concern over something impending or anticipated. The key is CONCERN

 B. Anxiety: apprehension, uneasiness, nervousness – usually over an impending or anticipated ill. Nothing good! Key is APPREHENSION

 C. Stress: mental tension form physical, chemical, or emotional factors that effects normal life.

   1. It can be situational, chronic, or clinical

   2. Bad events, see no end in sight, or from poor psychological coping problems.

   3. The key is EFFECT! Stress causes problems and damage

 D. Worry (concern) leads to anxiety (apprehension), which leads to stress (effect)

2. Confronting these things in our life!

 A. What is worry? Jesus said it’s us being concerned about the wrong things. It’s a priority problem. Matt.6:25-34 Put God first.

 B. What is anxiety? A spiritual problem – it robs us of what God wants us to have. Phil.4:6-7, prayer and peace go together.

 C. What is stress? A family sharing problem! We don’t ask for help or share and then wonder why we feel the way we do. 1 Peter 5:6-7

3. Resolving these struggles in our life!

 A. Direction from the Holy Spirit – James 4:7-10

 * Submit, resist, draw near, change, and humble yourselves!

 B. Confronting our struggle – steps to dealing with it!

   1. Identify what you are uptight about!

   2. Evaluate legitimate concerns! Know when to use IDM!

   3. Explore options to correct and change things!

   4. Ask God for help and guidance to correct the situation!

   5. Ask God for help and guidance to correct your perspective!


A. Part of life &maturity is learning to accept life’s setbacks!

B. Turn UPTIGHT into GOD’S LIGHT! How can I shine for Him?

C. That is what Jesus did in the garden! Winning over worry!

D. Learn from our Lord and big brother! Is he your Lord yet?


Bible Study from: Uptight – Winning Over Worry

Sunday, April 26, 2020

1.  When does pondering become worrying for you?

2.  What are some things that you worry about right now?

3.  Discuss the process that takes place in your life when worry turns into anxiety and anxiety turns into stress. When do things go from concern to apprehension to negative effects?

4.  When Jesus challenged us to not worry about physical needs or what might happen tomorrow, what was he trying to help learn?       (Mt.6:25-34)

5.  Paul told us to not be anxious about anything. What does anxiety rob from us? (Phil.4:6-7) How? Why?

6.  We are told to share one another’s burdens. (Gal.6:2) If stress is a burden, why don’t we share it and help each other?

7.  How does the list of challenges in James 4:7-10 help us deal with worry?

8.  Are there things that worry you that you need to apply IDM to?
(It Doesn’t Matter!)

9.  Are there things that worry you that you need to change your perspective about them?