What About Chains?

What About Chains?

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What about chains?  Ephesians 6:19-20


A. Jacob Marley in chains! Business partner who died. Returned on Christmas Eve to teach Scrooge a lesson.

  1. Chains & money boxes forged during a lifetime of greed & selfishness

  2. Scrooge has a single chance to avoid similar fate. Three ghosts will visit.

B. Chains forged in life? Can we put ourselves in chains?

  1. Chains of choices

  2. Chains of sins

C. What do chains do to us? Burdens that take away freedoms.

  1. Chains that life puts on us: health, judging, circumstances beyond our control

  2. Envelope and control?

D. Chains provide excuses, weakness, and limits- even self imposed

  1. Paul was literally in chains

  2. Did he see them as barriers or motivation ?

E. Look at his attitude about chains in Ephesians!

  1. Whatever kind of chains you have – you decide how they affect you

  2. What are some options? Read Ephesians 6:19-20

1. Fearless in chains!

A. Prayer for strength and courage for those who are called to speak

B. What’s hard about fearlessly proclaiming the gospel?

C. What chains are keeping you from proclaiming the gospel?

2. Ambassador in chains!

A. We are all ambassadors for Christ – 2 Cor.5:17-21

B. An ambassador represent and speaks for their country

C. Chains don’t remove one from being an ambassador! Fire or resigning only!

3. Contented in chain!

A. Declare “as I should” – responsibility of grace

B. We can’t pick our chains sometimes, only our reaction

C. Peace with God and life drives our mindset about life – Phil.4:11-13


A. Samson had some chains – use them to do God’s will

B. Paul and Silas were in chains – sang

C. What will you do with your chains? Pray like Paul asked?


Bible Study for 10-11-20

What About Chains?  Eph.6:19-20

1.  What comes to your memory when you think about humans in chains?

2.  Chains are just tools. What are some positive reasons for using chains?

3.  What are some examples of psychological and emotional chains?

4.  Are their chains of life that impact our spiritual walk with God?

5.  In some ways, we all have chains in our life. What determines the extent of their control on us?

6.  Does it change your perspective on Ephesians to know that Paul was literally in chains when he wrote it? How? Why?

7.  Paul talked about being fearless even with chains on. Why was it important to him?

8.  What kind of chains keep us from proclaiming the Gospe?

9.  What does it mean to be an ambassador for Christ? (2 Cor.5:17-21)

10. How can a person learn to be contented while still in chains? Is it possible? How did Paul do it?