Women of God

Women of God

Women of God                                           5-12-19

Bottom Line:  We must represent God no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.


 A. There has been a lot of men who have helped me learn about being a real man.

   1. Godly men who taught and set the example

   2. The best example of the Spirit of Christ from women.

 B. Godly ladies have taught & shown me what a servant is

   1. What kindness and compassion is all about!

   2. What unselfishness & sacrifice look like!

 C. An odd and sad irony of life…

   1. Most men would clearly say their wives are far more spiritual then they are.

   2. Yet we never sit at their feet and humbly let them teach us.

   3. Tradition, culture, and proof-texting from the Bible to support it, makes it wrong, unscriptural, and unnatural to some.

 D. Have I been “quenching the Spirit”?

   1. Worry, pray, and study.  Driven to be honest!

   2. Need more discussion and more honesty!

 E. Challenge to godly women:  To glorify God, it’s not about permission but purpose.

   1. What does God expect?

   2. How can you serve and represent Him?

 F. Three ladies jumped into my heart from the Bible!

   1. Three of my favorite characters in the Bible

   2. Can we learn something from them about purpose?

1.  Deborah (Judges 4)

 A. The story of her leadership and victory

 B. Respect as a judge – Men comfortable following her

 C. Not a warrior by a supporter:

   1. Not competition or a struggle for control or power

   2. No male domination (woman hero = Jael)

   3. Dominion was not God’s plan!  “Male domination over females is a manmade product of the Fall.  It represents an evolving process more than a divine plan.”

   4. Feminism = Give up natural godliness for male ungodliness – crude, rude, abrasive, vulgar, mean, etc.

2.  Esther

 A. The story of saving her people

 B. Classic lesson from Mordecai (4:14) Purpose!  Plan!

 C. Her response: (4:16) Willing to sacrifice!

3.  Mary (Luke 1:26-38)

 A. An angel visit brings a sudden crisis! Vs.39

 B. “How will this be…” – seeking to understand God!

 C. vs.38, “I am the Lord’s servant…” Called to serve!


A. 33 years later she would be holding the body of her son – fresh from the cross!

B. The happiest person on earth after the resurrection but not one word about her!

   * It wasn’t about her but God’s plan to save us!

C. Never disregard the power and the plan of God when you support like Deborah, sacrifice like Esther, or serve like Mary!