The Joy of My Salvation

The Joy of My Salvation

The Joy of My Salvation                              5-5-19

Bottom Line:  The blood of Jesus cleanses us initially, but also continually. That’s how grace works.


 A. Hello. My name is Mike Root and I’m a sinner.

   1. Always have been and always will be!

   2. God loves me anyway!

 B. Our struggle to fix things doesn’t work!

   1. Be good! Be nice and sweet! Be right!

   2. Legalism & self-righteous works can’t earn it!

   3. Leads to comparison, competition, & judging others

 C. David pleaded for forgiveness, a new spirit, and for God to “Restore to me the joy of my salvation.” Ps.51

   1. Why don’t we feel the joy of salvation? Not sure?

   2. Don’t we know what grace is? Some, but not enough.

 D. We are still sinners, and we are not sure about grace!

   1. Battles with sin not won yet!

   2. We still have secret sin!

   3. We think of prayer as our emergency parachute!

 E. How does grace work? Can we trust it to be enough?

   1. Do we really know God?  Not about Him but HIM!

          * The Prodigal & his brother didn’t!

          * He loves us & wants us close to Him!

          * Jn.3:16; 2 Pet.3:9; Acts 17 Paul – wants all to seek

   2. Are we honest about seeking Him? Really want Him!

 F. The greatest AH-HA passage for me is 1 John 1:5-10!

   1. Premise #1:  God is light – no darkness in Him = Trust!

   2. Premise #2:  IF (vs.6,8,10) “If we claim” = Honesty!

 G. Understanding what John is saying here could be the most important concept you will learn from God!

   * Three life changing, doctrinal & eternal principles…

Principle #1:  Having sin in not the same thing as walking in darkness! (vs.6)

 A. Sin is present even when we walk in the light! Vs.8-10

 B. It is not about mistakes but Masters!  (Rom.6)

 C. Not about perfection but direction = lifestyle (Gal.5)

   1. Paul is clear about the struggle & fight! Rom.7:7-25

          Rom.8:37-39; “Fight the good fight” personal…

   2. Walking in the light means choosing Jesus! Choices!

Principle #2:  Walking in the light is loving one another!

 A. Being light is reflecting God’s love for one another!

 B. Fellowship with Him is fellowship with one another!

 C. Even with sin? Love covers it! 1 Jn.2:9-10; 1 Pet.4:8

   * Choosing to love is helping one another conquer sin!

Principle #3:  Being in the light (i.e. fellowship with Jesus and one another) means ALL our sins are being constantly washed away! (vs.7)

 A. Present tense means on-going and continual!

 B. Power in the blood = power over sin in our lives!

 C. Accepting the cleansing power of Jesus blood is our job

   1. It is really forgiven and really gone!

   2. That is not a reason to sin more but to love more!


A. Sins have been nailed to the cross. Confessed, paid for, and forgiven – completely and continually!

B. Get rid of them! Accept His cleansing! (Shredder!)

C. Sins are washed away at baptism and constantly as we walk in the light with Him!