Submit to One Another

Submit to One Another

Submit to One Another                            4-28-19

Bottom Line: Second only to love, submitting to one another is one of the most Christ-like things we do.


 A. One of my most favorite movies as a kid was The Horse Soldiers. A John Ford movie w/ John Wayne & William Holden. (1959)

   1. Loosely based on novel and true events in Civil War.

   2. Col. John Marlowe & Maj. Henry Kendall, MD

   3. Constant conflict about orders and war. Argue & fight

   4. Maj. stays w/ wounded as Col. & cavalry escape, blowing up a bridge and halting Rebel advance.

 B. Battle of wills is a battle for control!

 C. The struggle between submission & control is life long

   1. Saddest people are those needing to be in control

   2. Source of life’s conflicts: w/ friends & brethren;  spouse; kids, subordinates – even how we drive!

   3. Control freaks destroy relationships & more…

   4. Often compensating for a lack of self-control!

 D. Submission is choosing to let God be in control!

 E. Submission is not several things…

   1. It isn’t being used and abused!

   2. It isn’t worthlessness!

   3. It isn’t losing!  Everything is not a competition!

 F. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” is scary, shocking, and generally ignored.  Why?

1. We don’t recognize how important it is!

 A. May be Paul’s most challenging instruction/command!

 B. Eph.5:21 is the key to the entire letter of Ephesians

   1. Everything before is leading up this verse!

   2. Unity in Christ!  Support and care for each other!

   3. Spiritual growth creates a submissive heart!

 C. Greek grammar shows us it’s part of being filled with the Spirit. Vs.18-21

   1. Speak, sing from the heart, give thanks

   2. Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ!

2.  We don’t know what it means to show reverence for Christ!  (How can we know about submission?)

 A. Respect!  Imitate and follow! Be Christ-like!

 B. Phil.2:5-11 (MSG) His obedience was honored…

 C. Heb.5:7-9, If Jesus CHOSE to submit so must we

   1. Love for God and others…

   2. Trust in God, His will, and His plan

   3. Give thankfully!  Happy for the chance!

   4. Let go of control and let God be in control!

3.  We don’t know what it means to submit to one another!

 A. Relationship in the church require it – 4:32 – 5:2

 B. Marriage requires it! 5:22-33

 C. Parenting demands it! 6:1-4

 D. Slaves & Masters must show it! 6:5-9

 E. Love, trust, giving, letting go & letting God!


A. We think we get it! If we do, we ignore it a lot!

B. A favorite song:  All To Jesus I Surrender

C. Want to know where you are in your spiritual journey to be like Jesus!  How submissive are you?