How Can I Share the Gospel?

How Can I Share the Gospel?

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How Can I Share the Gospel?                              12-19-21

Bottom Line: Sharing the gospel is as much about living it as preaching it.


 A. Ugly Christmas shirt: Who’s your favorite Star Wars character? Hero or villain? Human or android?

 B. Do you avoid things that can cause an argument?

 C. Holiday season advice for families avoid religion & politics

 D. But what about our responsibility to share the gospel?

 E. The Parable of the Soils teaches us that not everyone is receptive to the message/seed! Matt.13:1-23

 F. We Sowers have several misconceptions about sharing the gospel. They keep us from doing it. A share not a slap!

   1. We were never called to be confrontational! Suffer but…

   2. The myth of preparation and qualification. Our story!

   3. It is not about guilt but opportunity! Seek or see?

   4. It is not about being a fanatic but being a good friend!

 G. Three thoughts about sharing the gospel…

1. Sharing is what family does…

 A. Godly pride means we talk about what we care about!

 B. Love for God is tied to love for family! 1 Jn.4

 C. Love is always something we are glad to talk about.

2. We have been called to be witnesses not evangelists!

 A. The only direct command to all Christians about sharing the Gospel. 1 Peter 3:13-17 Be prepared to give an answer!

 B. Create ways to witness! Create opportunities to share!

 C. Show preparation to share! Be light!

 D. Sharing is not always about conversion but planting!

3. Do not become The Unmerciful Servant?

 A. Jesus’ parable in Matthew 18:23-35 was for us!

 B. It was about forgiveness? Forgiveness comes from mercy. Mercy comes from grace. Grace comes from love! Lesson about forgiveness was really a lesson about giving what has been given!

 C. We respond to our sense of indebtedness. Do you feel it?

 D. We are called to remember what was done to and for us.

   * Deuteronomy 11:18-21 MSG

   * Challenge to do whatever helps us remember!


A. Famous books about people you meet in heaven!

B. I will look for those who were part of my spiritual formation and say “thank you” to them.

C. Who is on your list to say “thank you” too?

D. Whose list will you be on?