Hugs to Holy – Souls

Hugs to Holy – Souls

Hugs to Holy – Souls                          10-20-19

Bottom Line: The most precious possession we have is our soul and we are responsible for giving it to God.


 A. Why do we constantly postpone doing what’s right?

   1. Food & diets = start tomorrow

   2. Addictions: overeating, smoking, porn, couch potato

   3. Not right now!

 B. Why do we postpone spiritual commitment?

   1. Relationships? Involvement? Giving? Study?

   2. Godship? Seek, serve, sense, & share? No talking?

 C. Many reasons but primary reason is our fixation with the here & how rather than the here-after!

   1. Driven by desires rather than the spirit – Gal.5:16-26

   2. Can’t see results & consequences – takes maturity…

   3. Jesus said, Mt.6:33 Seek first, Mt.16:26 World vs. soul!

 D. Paul’s classic description & frustration: Rom.7:14-25

   1. On-going battle for many! Want to but don’t…

   2. Paul’s answer: Rom.8:1, No condemnation in Christ…

 E. You are here because you want a relationship w/ God!

   1. Responsibilities for that relationship

   2. Choices, His message, His glory, His & our family

   3. Over all – we are responsible for souls given to us!

1. We are responsible for our own soul!

 A. Why do we struggle with the reality of our own soul?

   1. We can’t see it! It’s a matter of faith!

   2. We struggle to comprehend spiritual realm things!

   3. What does it look like? (Jesus, Moses, Elijah, angels)

   4. It’s not here & now! It’s WAY OFF IN THE FUTURE!

 B. We are not sure we really believe we have a soul!

   1. Jesus said, Mt.10:28, fear who can destroy soul

   2. Mt.11:29, Jesus called…rest for your soul

 C. The physical world is still our biggest barrier to God!

2.  We are responsible for souls given to us!

 A. Our spouse!  “So help me God!”  Eph.5:21-33

   1. Talk about your walk with God…

   2. Discuss your connection to His family…

   3. Plan to be involved, to help others, & give

   4. Pray together!

   5. Stop thinking “One of these days!”

 B. Our children! “training and instruction of the Lord”

   1. We have a short window of influence – use it!

   2. Parental inconsistencies are magnified by kids!

   3. Stop thinking “One of these days” – you’ll miss it!

 C. Our church family!  All the one another passages…

   1. Connect – Care – Commit = helping each other grow

   2. Core Values = statements of expectation about love, equip, support, and celebrate

   3. How long will you say “One of these days”?

3.  We are responsible for the souls we are given to witness to!

 A. “Be ready” – people need to hear about your hope!

 B.  Care enough to be responsible for Choices = priority;

Message = Represent; Glory = Reflect; Family = Support; and His love for souls!

 C. The power of a cup of water given in his name…


A. Old Rugged Cross: “till my trophies at last I lay down”

B. None of our trophies go with us!

C. Which trophy is more important than your soul?