My Story’s Ending

My Story’s Ending

My Story’s Ending                                          1-20-19

Bottom Line: Only God can give a happy ending to our life’s story.


 A. A story from my life in 1968:

   1. A small slice of one year – a smaller slice of one life

   2. Told part of it once and JD was shocked & surprised

 B. Our life is an ongoing story – adding chapters daily!

   1. God has always been part of it!

   2. Our decision to live for Jesus changed its direction

   3. Seeking & growing changes & adds to it constantly

   4. Our story is our witness to others of God

 C. Ecclesiastes 11 & 12 talks about our story!

   1. Some truths to live by – chapter 11

   2. Challenges of a life time – chapter 12

 D. The ending of a story determines its greatness for me.

   1. Frodo & Sam destroy the ring!

   2. Harry Potter defeats & destroys Voldemort.

   3. Half of the Avengers turned to dust in Infinity War?

   4. The Alamo, 300 Spartans, Neo & Trinity die to save…

   5. Good & right must prevail!  Happy endings!

 E. Since our life is a story, what are some principles of stories we should consider?

1.  Every story has an ending.

 A. Book, movie, or life comes to an end – or should!

 B. Solomon said dust returns to dust (12:7) Heb.9:27

 C. God’s children have a sequel. Jesus called it paradise!

2.  Every story is driven by the story teller.

 A. Who’s telling your story?  You or God?

 B. Eccl.11:5 “So, you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does.”

 C. Proverbs 3:5-6 Let God be the director or author

3.  The trend in stories today is to give options.

 A. Multiple endings for books and movies…

 B. Jesus talked about options:  Narrow vs. wide

 C. The final word?  Eccl.12:13 fear God & obey Him

4.  A good story builds to a conclusion!

 A. 2 Peter 3:18; 1 Cor.15:58 That’s what we are doing!

 B. Paul’s analogy of a journey: travel, fight, & win!

5.  In our story, there are things we are not in control of!

 A. Events & circumstances beyond our control

 B. They affect us, but they don’t define us!

6.  In our story there are people we can’t control!

 A. They disappoint, hurt, discourage, and leave…

 B. Jesus couldn’t make people do what he wanted…

7.  In our story, there is little or no control of time!

 A. The time others have!

 B. The time for our health or experiences! Our ending!

8.  In our story, we can only be responsible for the choices we make!

 A. Joshua 24:14-15; I choose the Lord!

 B. Essential part of the plot, story line, and ending…

9.  In all great stories, great Authors take care of everything!


A. If “Gospel” is good news, what is your gospel?

B. Paul’s was a sun baked road to Damascus

C. Mine was in the moss draped pine woods of S. Ga.

D. What about a cold January day in STL, MO?