Seven Mountain Principles #3

Seven Mountain Principles #3

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Seven Mountain Principles #3                               5-15-22

Bottom Line: God looks at the heart not the ego.


 A. Marriage is learning and growing in our knowledge of one another. It never stops even after all we know!

   1. The Newly Wed Game?

   2. Wife of a serial killer – never knew!

 B. We are building a relationship with God! He knows you, but do you know him? A true seeker never stops learning!

 C. Matthew 5,6, &7 is what Jesus wants us to know about God! Things essential to our relationship with him.

   1. Principle 1 – God loves seekers! (5:3-12)

   2. Principle 2 – God loves honest transformation! (5:13-20)

 D. Today, principle 3 – God looks at the heart not the ego!

   1. Heart vs. Ego struggle since the beginning of creation.

   2. Internal godliness vs. external appearance!

 E. This was a major theme of Jesus’ teaching.

   1. The Pharisee & Tax collector, Lk 18

   2. Rich young ruler, Mt.19

   3. The widow’s two very small copper coins, Lk 21

 F. Principle #3, hearts over egos, opening part of lesson…

1. “You have heard that it was said to the people long ago”

 A. Everyone believed and taught external appearance = law!

 B. It didn’t produce godliness or deeper relationship w/ God

 C. It produced: Pride, self-righteousness, and Pharisees!

2. “But I tell you…” Jesus brings it back to God will!

 A. Proud about no murders! Angry, mean, bitter, hate, grudges! (vs.23-26) “In danger of the fire of hell.”

 B. Adultery? Lust! Temptation obsession! Radical removal! (vs.27-30)

 C. Divorce? Legal certificate! Covenant? (vs.31-32)

 D. Acceptable oaths? Legal distinctions! Integrity! Word is your bond? (vs.33-37)

 E. Revenge? Payback response! Godly response? (vs.38-42)

 F. Selective love? (vs.43-48) Love all! Connect w/ God! vs.48

3. Why do we need to be careful about our hearts?

 A. God’s display screen into our lives in our hearts!

 B. Proverbs 4:23 (NLT) “Guard your heart about all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

 C. He is reading the hard drive not looking at the case!


A. Jesus explained who was the greatest in the kingdom of heaven! Be like this child! What? How?

B. Three W’s: Wash! (Acts 22:16); Wisdom! (Phil.4:8); Walk! (1 Jn.1:7)

C. “Guard your heart above all else…”