Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (2)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (2)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (2)       11-10-19

Bottom Line:  God wants us to be honest in our pursuit to please him and not just seek to impress others.


  1. Jesus said, Matthew 5:17-20
  2. Laying down a fundamental principle from God
  3. Built on what he said in vs.3-16; Principle #1
  4. Easy Truth #1:  God loves seekers!
  5. Who? Vs.3-10 = tools to deal w/ life challenges!
  6. What your up against? Vs.11-12
  7. What we can be? Vs.13-14
  8. Principle #2: Be honest about pleasing God rather than impressing others. Vs.17-42
  9. Easy truth #2: Choose real over ritual!
  10. Pleasing God drives what & why we do what we do!
  11. Worried about what he was saying about the Law!
  12. I am fulfilling it!
  13. Don’t disrespect God’s law!
  14. Being right before God is more than what leaders show you!
  15. Honest seeking causes godly living not just religious appearances. (vs.3-10)
  16. It is about what we think and feel in our hearts
  17. It’s spirit over looks – a seeker spirit!

1. Be more than a non-murderer! Vs.21-26

 A. Uncontrolled anger will be judged!

 B. Treating others w/ contempt is not acceptable!

 C. Call them “fool” gets “hell fire”! Why? Playing God!

 D. Reconcile and solve problems = maturity = Which Beatitudes would you use?

2. Be more than a non-adulterer! Vs.27-30

 A. Which Beatitudes? Pure in heart = no lust!

 B. Hunger & thirst after righteousness = proactive fighting sin

 C. Actually vs.31-32 is part of this = faithful & committed

3. Be a promise keeper! Vs.33-37

 A. A covenant promise is sacred = true & honest

 B. No need to swear! Your word is your bond!

 C. Let yes be yes and no be no! Simple and true!

    * Which Beatitude?

4. Be a giver as a way of life! Vs.38-42

 A. Love and grace must prevail! Not “give again” complaint!

 B. Tit for tat living isn’t the Jesus way!

 C. Even when it’s not easy, strike cheek, take tunic, force a mile

 D. Persecution? Be salt and light?  Which Beatitudes?


A. The Chief Wizard Saruman seemed like a good guy but really worked for Sauron! (Lord of the Rings)

B. No one likes a fake or a fraud!  Especially true for God!

C. Jesus declared God’s desire: be a real seeker and not like the self-righteous religious leaders.  Own it and make it honest!