Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know(3)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know(3)

Seven Things Jesus Wants Us To Know (3)  11-17-19

Bottom Line:  We must choose to follow the teaching of Jesus and not the thinking of the world.


 A. Wonderful Preacher’s Conference w/ amazing young preachers from all over.

   1. Great speakers w/ truly helpful messages

   2. Only disturbing thing – use of iPhones during lessons

 B. Preaching has changed over the last couple decades

   1. Not as much passion for learning the Bible

   2. Screens dominate our lives – Phone addiction most

 C. I wonder what Paul would say?  He was clear in the NT

   1. Preach the word – “nothing only Christ…”

   2. What would he say about the call be relevant?

 D. Preaching truths assumes personal application!

   1. Examples help apply but can’t cover everything

   2. “You are the light of the world” – What? Where?

 E. Learning and growing means struggling with tough truths and choosing to change!  Jesus in Mt.5,6,&7

   1. God loves seekers!  Vs.3-16

   2. Choose real over ritual! Vs.17-42

 F. Principle #3: Love must be our attitude and not selectively applied!  Vs.43-48   Read in NIV

   1. Easy Truth #3:  Attitude drives application!

   2. We will act according to what our heart tells us!

 G. What does Jesus want us to know?

   1. God loves you, be real & honest, and be courageously & consistently godly!

   2. Real question from Jesus – who rules your heart?

 H. Read v.43-48 from The Message

1. Worldly Thinking!

 A. Only love those who love you – neighbors and family!

 B. It’s okay to hate your enemies! No love for them!

   1. Socially & culturally true today!

   2. Add hate those you disagree with

   3. Hateful about hate! Racist about race!

   4. Okay to hate foreigners, Muslims, & opponents

 C. Not talking about the same kind of love! God’s love.

2.  Jesus’s Thinking!

 A. Loving all is our godly attitude! Apply it to all!

 B. Consistency comes from the heart. Is God there?

 C. Jesus gives us some basic challenges:

   1. Don’t let others drive you to be ungodly!

      a. Can’t let them dictate our faith

      b. Reacting and responding – challenge to be godly

      c. Where is it okay to be un-Christ-like? Cars? Sports?

   2. God gives his best to everyone – so should we!

   3. Rise above the worldly thinking!

   4. Grow up and live a godly life! All the time!


A. The challenge of hearing and applying tough lessons

B. It’s hard to love those who don’t love you.

C. Did Jesus realize what he was asking?

   1. His ministry was to the unlovable

   2. In his death he gave to the ones killing him