Simon Says: Holy Help

Simon Says: Holy Help

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Simon Says: Holy Help                                          7-11-21

Bottom Line: We are who we listen to, so we need to listen to the right person.


 A. Who do you listen to? Advice, insight, guidance, etc.

   1. Vacation?  2. Financial?  3. Relationships?

   4. Doctrinal?  5. Spiritual formation?

 B. Do you listen to the right people? Lessons learned…

 C. What does who I listen to say about me?

 D. How do we listen to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

   1. We hear God with a humble and open heart!

   2. We hear God speaking through others! Prophets!

   3. We hear God speaking to us through His Word!

 E. Simon Peter would be a wonderful guy to listen to.

   1. 30 yrs after the resurrection – 30 yrs growing

   2. 50 – 60 year old, w/ a long walk with God

 F. Wrote two letters to Christians in exile due to persecutions. Uprooted, trials, & wavering faith!

   1. What does he have to say that we should hear?

   2. 1 Peter 1:3-9 Simon says see what you have!

1. Simon says, ‘he has given us new birth into a living hope.” Vs.3-5

 A. How? Through the resurrection!

 B. What is it? An inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fad! “Shielded by God’s power”

 C. When? Kept in heaven! We own it right now!

2. Simon says, trials prove the “genuineness of your faith”. Vs.6-8

 A. Rejoice in that hope, even in the midst of trials

 B. Genuine faith: more precious than gold – results in…

 C. Real faith in the unseen = inexpressible and glorious joy

3. Simon says, “the end result is the salvation of your soul”. Vs.9

 A. What end result of anything is better?

 B. Heaven is waiting! Loved one will join us! Reunion!


A. The blessing of expert advice about bow hunting!

   1. Still there but w/ noise and commercialism!

   2. Those who have “been there done that”

B. Peter has BTDT – we need to listen to him!