Tough Stuff from Jesus (14)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (14)

Tough Stuff from Jesus (14)                                    7-4-21

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Bottom Line: Jesus showed us how to live and fulfill every challenge he ever gave us. He is our ultimate example.


 A. Have you ever been embarrassed by someone’s help?

   1. Edsel worked on our washer in our new house

   2. More than expected & more than I could repay!

 B. Jesus’ last dinner with his disciples – John 13:1-17

   1. A secret meeting so no servant to clean feet and no one volunteered.

   2. Shocking – disturbing – offended – challenged!

 C. Three key elements I want to focus on:

1. Togetherness

 A. Important to Jesus – he wanted to be with those he loved! Vs.1

   1. Jesus elevates the importance of togetherness

   2. Vital to connect, care, & commit – Sunday class!

 B. Togetherness is about sharing not ticket punching!

   1. Love doesn’t grow from a distance!

   2. It is not an accident that it often includes food!

 C. Togetherness even when it includes a Judas!

2. Teaching

 A. Washing feet: menial, dirty, & undignified

 B. Loves does the unusual:  LS vs. Foot washing?

 C. Teaching us what it means to “take up your cross”

   1. Humility

   2. Service

   3. Initiative

3. Tough Stuff

 A. Resisting tough stuff: Lk = argue about greatest in kingdom; Peter represented all of their thinking, vs.8

 B. Jesus knew it was a process – vs.7 “you will…”

 C. Do as I have done! Vs.13-14 Jesus showed us how to do every tough thing he challenged us with. Phil.2:5-8


A. Jesus gave us the example and the proof that we can!

B. Jesus promised to be with us and help us all the way!

C. Anywhere with Jesus…