Simon Says – Be Holy

Simon Says – Be Holy

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Simon Says – Be Holy                                               7-18-21

Bottom Line: Everything God wants us to be is summed up in the command to be holy.


 A. What was the scariest thing ever said when you were a kid? Do you remember it?

   1. “You just wait until your dad gets home!”

   2. “You’re heading for a trip to the woodshed!”

   3. Teacher: “I’ll be calling your parents tonight!”

 B. For me it was “We’re going to have to do surgery!” and “Let’s get the gun and shoot one of ‘em!”

 C. Life is full of scary things that are said. Have you heard:

   1. Sorry but you didn’t make the team! Get the job! Promotion? Raise?

   2. You have cancer!

   3. I don’t love you. I don’t want to be married anymore.

   4. I’m done with church – God – and religion!

 D. God said many things that are scary! What scares you?

   1. “Depart, I never knew you!” “It is a fearful thing to …”

       “You are fallen from grace.”

   2. All the Tough Stuff from Jesus is scary!

 E. I think the scariest verse in the Bible is repeated in both the Old and New Testament and by Peter

   1. “Be holy because I am holy” 1 Peter 1:16 from Ex. &Lev.

   2. Context is vs.13-15 “Therefore” because of salvation

      * minds alert * obedient not conformed * be holy in all

 F. Holy is a scary word and concept. Ignored, intimidated

1. What does it mean to “Be holy”?

 A. Holiness is a call for purity – undefiled, uncompromised

 B. Holiness is a call for moral integrity – character values

 C. Holiness is a separation from all that is profane or ungodly!  Lev. reading sacrifices to Molech – separate and be different = holy because I am holy! (ch.11-21)

 D. Holiness is loving conformity to God’s commands!

   1. vs.14 obedient children = love for Father

   2. Do not conform – same word as Romans 12:2

2. What does it mean to “Be holy because I am holy”?

 A. Holiness is pleasing God first and always!

   1. No one else – Ill. The Big Three at Harding

   2. Godliness = like God = God is light, love, Spirit (Jn)

          * God is a consuming fire, Heb.12:29

   3. Means we = are light, we love, connect to Him!

 B. Holiness is a process not a performance!

   1. Seeking, growing, becoming = pleasing

   2. 1 Jn.1:7 direction not perfection

 C. Holiness is a relationship not a religion!

   1. As I am holy = God is the source of holiness!

   2. Holiness is a family trait = adoption, Father & child

   3. Not so much holy as he is holy, but being holy because he is holy! We are blood relatives!


A. Being holy shouldn’t be scary because it’s about grace!

B. That Dad waiting on the hill, looking for his son to come home was our holy father! He makes us holy not us!

C. Jesus did that to an adulterous woman & a thief!