Simon Says – Redeemed

Simon Says – Redeemed

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Simon Says – Redeemed                                      7-25-21

Bottom Line: Like holiness, redemption is the process by which God makes and declares us holy.


 A. A favorite old camp song: “Sippin’ Cider” = cause & effect

 B. A favorite old camp devotional song: I’ve Been Redeemed is also about cause & effect.

 C. Why do we struggle with the concept of redemption?

   1. Green Stamp Redemption Center?

   2. Gift Cards redeemed for whatever we want?

 D. Not scary like holy, but confusing and intimidating!

   1. Too big!  2. Too Spiritual!  3. Too Removed – personally!

 F. Holiness is God’s grace applied to us! Redemption is how he does it! Beautiful gift! “I’ve been redeemed” is a cheer!

 G. Peter centers his charges & challenges about it = cause and effect!  1 Peter 1:17-21

1. Redemption means we are STRANGERS!

 A. vs.17 – “live as strangers here”

 B. We need a new passport! Our citizenship is not here!

 C. Live w/ reverent fear? Respect for God and what he did!

2. Redemption means we have VALUE!

 A. Vs.18-19, We have a new value system! Not gold or silver

 B. What’s in your wallet? What does it say about your value? Cash? Valuables? What others think?

 C. Redeemed from empty way of life – how and with what?

  “The precious blood of Christ, a lamb w/o blemish…”

3. Redemption means we have a CONNECTION!

 A. vs.20-21, We are chosen like Jesus was chosen!

 B. Carry a picture of God to sense his presence!

 C. Our faith and hope are in God – Gifts for birthday

   1. Wonderful display of love – examples

   2. Difference in love displayed and love deposits

   3. Invest in loving relationships – esp. one w/ God!


A. Why do I love Harry Potter so much? Spent time reflecting and thinking about it!

   1. An 11 year old who thinks he is nobody! Worthless!

   2. Suddenly he hears “You’re a wizard Harry!” – “I’m just Harry.” Chosen to save the world of wizards!

B. What is the most important thing that could be said about you? “I’ve been redeemed!”

C. God said you are worth the precious blood of his son!