Simon Says – In His Steps

Simon Says – In His Steps

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Simon Says – In His Steps                                          8-22-21

Bottom Line: Our singular responsibility in submitting to God’s will is to follow in the steps of Jesus.


 A. What worries you the most about the world we live in?

 B. How should Christians act when governments are evil and society is unjust? What does God want us to do?

 C. Peter addressed this in 1 Peter 2:13-25

   1. Submit to authority – whatever the form – even slaves

   2. vs.15, “For it is God’s will…” God is clear about what he wants us to do. Often we struggle, but not now!

          * Doing good = silence ignorant talk

          * Live as free men = not to cover up evil

          * Live as servants of God

          * Show proper respect to everyone! (Earn it?)

          * Love the brotherhood

          * Fear God and honor the king

          * Suffer for doing good & endure it

          * vs.21, follow in his steps

 D. Remember, it is God’s will we are talking about…

   1. You were called = chosen by God

   2. Because Christ suffered = we are indebted

   3. He left us an example – SHOULD follow in his steps!

 E. Charles Sheldon wrote a book in 1896 – one of the top all-time best-selling books of all time – over 50 mil. copies

   1. In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do

   2. Series of Sunday night service stories – packed house!

   3. Town of Raymond in eastern USA – Rev. Henry Maxwell pastor of the First Church of Raymond.

   4. Visited by a jobless man Friday during sermon prep – man was Jack Manning – told story – gave brush off

   5. Appears Sunday, at end of sermon comes to front talks “facts” to church – collapse – dies days later

   6. Next Sunday challenge: Do not do anything for a year without asking, “What would Jesus do?”

   7. Impact on people’s lives – Newspaper pub., RR rep, wealthy and poor – town needs…

 F. Not a cliché but a command! Peter wasn’t trying to be catchy or cute. Rules for walking in his steps:

1. There are no exemptions!

 A. Jesus called us to follow him completely, Mt.16:24

 B. It doesn’t matter when, where, or with whom

 C. There is no light switch and no clogged saltshaker!

2. There are no replacements!

 A. The focus is on following Jesus and no one else

 B. “I need some ME time” does not mean I come first!

 C. Our desire to follow others cannot come before Jesus

3. There are no excuses!

 A. Story of my son jumping on my footprints.

 B. Jesus talked about folks with excuses. Luke 14:15-24

 C. The Cross makes all excuses meaningless!


A. Isn’t it amazing how much smarter your parents get as you get older?

B. Our Dad said, “Follow Him!” Does he know what he is asking us to do? Will it be worth it?

C. Disciples came back excited – Lk.10:17-20 Jesus tells them they haven’t seen anything yet!